Sun sign astrology is extremely popular and has been around for decades now. It is an easy way to introduce people to astrology and give them a taste of what it is about without having to do detailed mathematics or know their exact time and location of birth.

But, one problem with sun sign astrology is that it has the potential to turn people off this field and instead make them think astrology is really just foolery. How many times have you had friends read the description of their sun sign and then say that it does not fit them at all? Well, there may be a reason for that. 

Astrology is actually a complicated field that takes years and even decades to truly master. It has been around for millennia and reading one simple forecast is not going to be able to replicate the complicated aspects, houses, signs, and planets that make up the field.

So, why does your sun sign not always seem like it fits?

Born at Night

A very common reason for someone’s sun sign not to fit them is if they were born at night. Those of us born at night may hide our sun sign qualities and display more of the qualities of our moon sign. I was born in the sign of Leo, but I am not a flamboyant personality. Instead, I come off more in terms of my Aquarius Moon, unconventional and interested in ideas that do not fit with the norm. But, if you really get to know me, you can see shades of my Leo nature shining through – yet these are often hidden beneath the surface.

This is how it is with many people born before the sun rose over the horizon. There sun sign qualities may seem “hidden” and “obscured” by their moon.

Lots of planets in the same sign

Another reason that an individual’s sun sign may not feel quite right is if you have a lot of planets together in the same sign, making them stronger and more influential than your sun’s qualities. For example, if you have three planets in Aries, you may come off as more forward and hotheaded than your Taurus Sun which is stable and consistent “should” appear as. With so many planets in one sign their influence will be much more significant than your sun’s. 

Weak sun position

The Sun is just one planet (at least it is considered a planet in astrology) in terms of many planets and points in a chart. We tend to look at its prominence because of how close we are to the physical sun and how much its energy effects us. But, if your sun is in a week position, it may not have a great deal of influence over your chart. It your sun is aspected by pluto or saturn, it may dull the brilliant affect that a sun sign can shine over our lives.

Not living your Natal Chart

Another reason your sun sign, and sometimes your whole natal chart, may feel like it doesn’t fit where you are in your life, is if you aren’t on the path you were set out to be on – you took a detour and aren’t on the main highway you had planned to travel. 

One theory of astrology states that we choose the time and location of our birth as to use the astrological influences over us to follow the goals and lessons we want to achieve in this lifetime. But, sometimes, while we are here incarnate on earth, we diverge from the path. We choose another way of thinking or being and don’t’ follow the guidelines we chose to follow. This can leave us with a sun sign and a full natal chart, that doesn’t really “feel” like us.

Before a Saturn Returns

Going along with when your entire natal chart, not just your sun sign feels off, it may be because you are young and have not quite reached the potential in your life. In our modern society many people think of 18 as the age when you are an adult and no longer a child. But, in astrology, this is really a decade too early. It isn’t until we hit our Saturn Return – or the point at which transiting Saturn returns the the point it was in our natal chart – that we really grow up and start to live by our natal chart. I always like to caution clients that are young that an astrology reading will show their potential, especially in the future, and it is perfectly okay if they aren’t living that potential now. 

Overall, astrology is more than just a sun sign. Many astrologers will use a sun sign to give a basic profile of what an individual is like – but it is helpful to think of this just as a taste a meal – it is not the full course. And sometimes that taste may be of the side dish and sometimes that taste may be of the main course – it all depends on how prominent your sun is in your chart.

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