Today’s book review is on a little guy that is set to be released next week, My Pocket Chakra Healing: Anytime Exercises to Unblock, Balance, and Strengthen Your Chakras by Heidi E. Spear. 

This book gives an overview of the chakra system and provides a wealth of information on different methods to use to balance your chakras. As many of my long time readers know, I have my own little Chakra book – Chakras and Auras: A Practical Guide to your Energetic Body – so my review is definitely tainted by that fact…but at least I’m honest, right?!!

This book starts out with an overview of the chakra system. This is what I like to term a Westerners view of an Eastern system. The authors view of chakras is heavily influenced by her yogic background and much of the information is centered around that specific thought process and knowledge system. 

As someone who views chakras on a different level (i.e. intuitively seeing and feeling them) I find this system sometimes is more knowledge based and less practice oriented. It is easy to tell someone to just “know” and “look within” to find out if their chakra is blocked or closed, but it is definitely another thing to intuitive know and see when a chakra is closed.

And, another minor issue I had with this book is the view of chakras being blocked versus closed and the meaning behind these terms. I see blocked and closed chakras very differently and they mean different things when intuitively seeing and working with the energetic body system. If you have ever received a reading from me you know that blocked chakras are usually caused by having either your root chakra and/or your crown chakra closed, not something caused by the chakra itself. 

And don’t get me started on the part of this book that talks about how chakras are from the eastern yogi tradition…knowledge of chakras has been around long before the yogis in the East existed. Information on them has been found in hermetic texts and likely existed during the time of Atlantis. 

What is very useful in this book is the second half which goes through a variety of methods you can use on opening and balancing your chakra system. There are a variety of methods and I would highly recommend this author’s view of using yoga and breath work as a method to open the chakras as this is her forte. 

Another point I like to make clear and point out when talking about the chakra system is that it is totally okay and perfectly normal to have chakras out of balance. I very rarely see individuals with all their chakras opened and balanced – I just wanted to put this info out there again to make sure peeps understand that chakras aren’t always open, especially with how we live in our modern society. 

Overall, I would say this is a decent book if you are looking for a westerner’s view on an eastern interpretation of the chakra system. I think the work of Anodea Judith on the chakra system is the go-to for this type of information, and this author does reference her work, but if you are looking for a quick read to get the information (Judith’s work can be quite dense at times), this would be a great book for that. 

Then, shameless plug coming up, if you would rather have an energetic and more practical way to view your chakra system, from a psychic’s point of view, check out my book Chakras and Auras to find out how you can figure out which of your chakras are closed and how to balance them. Or – if you just want to know and don’t want to read anything – you can always order a Chakra or Energy Body reading from my Etsy Store. 

*** This book was provided to me from Adam’s Media in exchange for an honest review. I think this review was decently honest… ***

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