I don’t think of myself as someone who has a lot of protective practices. I don’t have a great deal of fear anymore and with that lack of fear I don’t really feel like I need much in the way of blatant psychic protection around me at all times.

But then…I started looking around my study where I do the majority of my readings and ritual work and I realized that maybe I was fooling myself. Maybe I don’t feel that I need much protective work because I have so much already ingrained in my surroundings and current practices.

When I first started down this intuitive path, I spend a lot of time reading biographies from famous psychics and mediums. This was a way that I could learn how other people developed these skills that were blossoming in me. And, in particular, I distinctly remember listening to one of John Edward’s early books and him mentioning how important psychic protection practices are when you do this work. 

I think I took his message to heart and have, over the years, worked in a variety of protective practices into my routine in such a manner that they just feel like second nature and not that I am afraid or having to really protect myself against anything. 

That is a long introduction to present you with some of the practices that I practice to offer protection with the work that I do.


I am a big fan of crystals and the energetic work they do. I was one of those kids that gravitated towards crystals in every gift shop and I still remember what my favorite piece of tiger’s eye looked like. So, crystals are basically my jam and I like the energy they provide.

In terms of protective crystals, I particularly like black tourmaline, obsidian and smoky quartz. I keep a very large hunk of black tourmaline underneath my desk. When I am doing a reading and feel like I need to discharge energy, I will put my feet on this crystal. 

I also have two small obsidian pieces that are on the top door frame of the doors that lead into my study. I am lucky to have a room all to myself for the work I do, and that has not always been the case, but these two crystals act as a cleansing and barrier to the energy in this room that I do so much work from.

Smokey quartz also has a great energy to it. I don’t keep any large pieces of smokey quartz in my study, but I do keep a large piece (10 inches long) next to my bed. This protective crystal in particular was from a mine called “dreamtime” and I spoke with the individual who found it. It has such a great energy and provides a nice layer of protection during my sleep.

Elemental representation 

I am also a practicing witch, particularly connecting with the western elements. In my study I have a small grid on top of my desk that has representations of each element – a quartz crystal for earth, a piece of incense for air, a small candle for fire, a seashell for water, and a buddha for spirit – set up providing constant protection.

I also have larger representations of each element gridding the whole room – a cup of water that I continually change out on the book shelf in the west, a candle that I burn when I do work in the south, my incense located in the east, and some plants taking up the north.

Both these elemental grids provide a nice sense of harmony and protection – kind of like a circle that is continually casted and provides the area with a sacredness whenever I am present. 

Sacred Smoke

That incense representing air in the east also has protective qualities to it. I used to change up what incense I bought at the store, letting my daughter choose whatever she felt drawn to, but now I use the same incense each and every time I do a reading. 

I have found that I prefer the energetic qualities of frankincense and myrrh and by a large pack of stick incense in bulk from amazon that lasts me for awhile. This smell has come to help signal to my mind that it is time to connect with spirits and it also provides a nice protective energy to the environment.

In addition to incense, I always burn sage. I know sage can sometimes be controversial because of the cultural associations it has with certain native cultures – but it has a energy that is protective and is scientifically proven to cleanse an environment. Since I know that I prefer sage over things like palo santo and lavender, I also buy this from amazon and keep it around as needed.

Visualizations and Words

Perhaps the largest protective practice I engage in is the saying of prayers and affirmations before every reading and at the start of my day. I am a big proponent of using my morning shower as a time to wash away any excess energy that has gathered and then saying the prayer that resonates with me to create an energetic shield around my body.

Before every reading I do I will repeat this prayer and also call on my “team” to assist with the reading I am about to do. 

This is probably the protective practice that I believe works the best and is most efficient at providing the energetic protection that my spirit and soul needs on this physical earth. Along with the ritual words I also imagine the ball of energy surrounding me. I can now feel when this energy is in place and providing the protection I need. 

What protective practices do you use in your ritual or reading work? Is there any that you find more helpful than others? 

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  1. I used to think I didn’t need protection since my mind and heart are always coming from a good place. But, I now use a white bubble/shield every day. I am clairaudient, and ended up with an obnoxious earthbound mime spirit, speaking schadenfreude​ inanities to me or imitating the voices of living people I am close to. I realized it was my responsibility to prevent that by setting better boundaries. I enlisted the help of my spirit guides to prevent future occurrences as well.

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