Just as a bodybuilder uses their muscles every day to maintain their strength, so too do psychics and mediums use their clairvoyance to build and maintain their intuitive muscles. It may take awhile to figure out what your clairvoyance looks like for you – but once you have figure that out – it is time to train and put some bulk to that muscle.

Below I have listed out five of my favorite ways to work this muscle so that your clairvoyant images will be clearer, last longer, and be easier to spot. These work no matter if you are a professional reader or someone just starting out – easy peasy for anyone!

Ready? Let’s go!

Read fiction…better yet, listen to audiobooks

Perhaps by absolute favorite way to strengthen my intuitive insight is to read fiction. When you read a book, you create scenes in your head of what the characters look like and the amazing places they travel. A good writer can make you feel like you are in the scene – you can touch what the character is touching and taste the exotic foods they eat.

Even better than reading, I find that audiobooks allow my eyes to loose focus and get into the trance like state they tend to find when activating my clairvoyance. Audiobooks also allow me to practice focusing on clairvoyant images when I am doing something else – out grocery shopping or for a daily walk. This way, when I receive information in situations where I am not at my desk, I can realize it for what it is and pay attention.

The trick with this tip is to find a genre that you can really get into. Don’t shy away from books that seem don’t seem “cultured” or “erudite”. Yes, you can do this exercise while listening to Pride and Prejudice (for that I recommend audible’s version – the narrator is great!) but you can also do this while listening to 50 Shades of Grey (I’m just using this as an example, their are much better romances out there – just try anything by Penelope Douglas). Find a book that you can get into and then let your third eye take over!

Create scenes in your head

I was developing and strengthening my third eye before I even knew what a third eye was. From the time I was a child, I enjoyed creating scenarios in my head and immersing myself inside them. These could be anything from wishes for the future or walking through what the next day would bring. I would take the time right before I fell asleep and just let my mind get pulled away.

This practice is a great way to work on both your manifestation skills and your intuitive work. The more energy and emotion you put behind imagining what you want to manifest, the more you are working with universal forces to let that happen. 

With this exercise try to see how detailed you can get. If you want a new kitchen in your house, try to imagine the exact feel of the countertops or the specific hue of the paint color. If you have an ideal vacation in mind, try to see in your mind’s eye each step of the journey, from checking in at the airport to exploring an abandoned castle. 

This is another exercise that is fun and practical on multiple levels. 

Practice asking questions daily

Perhaps the tip I fall back on most when people ask about developing their clairvoyance is the idea that you should practice daily. Even if it feels like you aren’t getting any information, keep asking and soon you will be able to discern the different between your imagination and your intuition.

For this, you can use a tool to help – tarot cards, runes, a pendulum – anything to get you in the right mind set. But don’t forget to watch for clairvoyant images in your mind’s eye as well. 

Every morning I like to ask what my energy is like for the day. I then pay attention and watch the images float through my mind. This has become such an ingrained habit in my life that I no longer need to actually finish asking the question before the image appears.  I then write the image down in my daily planner so that I can review it later or the next day to see how the images played out. 

Change people’s appearance when you meet them

How many times have you been introduced to a person and then can’t remember their name the next time you see them? I know I sometimes don’t even try because I know how bad I am with names – I can remember their energy and feeling but not what name they told me.

A fun way you can remember someone’s name and strengthen your intuition at the same time is to add intuitive images to their appearance in your mind’s eye when you meet them.

Say you meet a nice young lady named Robin. Simply imagine a robin on their shoulder while you are talking with them. Or perhaps the gentleman’s name is Richard. You can picture your uncle Richard’s face superimposed on top of the individual or even give the guy a second head. 

This exercise is also a good one that allows you to strengthen your intuition while doing something else – while talking with your eyes open in a location that is not preset. Doing this allows you to become more aware of information coming in when the setting isn’t perfect. 

And you don’t have to just reserve this exercise for those whom you don’t know their name. Perhaps you have an annoying manager at work – give them devil’s horns or a lion’s tail the next time you see them. At least you can entertain yourself while they are talking with/at you.

Meditate with images 

Another practical way to strengthen your intuition is through meditation. Yes, everyone and their mother is talking about meditation these days – even I have written various posts about the wonders of meditation.  

But, the truth is, this is also a great time to work on strengthening your clairvoyant skills – especially if you get easily distracted during typical meditations. There are a variety of ways to do this.

First, you can use a guided meditation that will walk you through different scenes that you can imagine in your mind. This will help you to develop new locations and situations that you might not have thought to experience on your own – kind of like an audiobook but with a focus on relaxation or spiritual work.

Another way I like to use this skill is in just a standard meditation when you follow your breath in and out. Instead of just going blank in my mind, sometimes I like to take control and picture images, especially if my mind is highly busy and active at that time, not wanting to settle down. My favorite image that I tend to go back to is that of the ocean waves going in and out. I set my breath to the waves and see them, in full detail, going out towards a sunset and back in towards the beach. This has the benefit of being extra relaxing as well!

What is your favorite method to strengthen your intuition? Any favorite book that helps you really see scenes or characters? 


  1. Have you ever heard of clairsalience from people who are still alive? I get a sense of smell from people I see online or in person when they are definitely too far away to actually smell. I can also tell the difference between my “sense” of smell and actual smell. Sometimes it’s so pungent I feel like it’s a warning to stay away. No one else I talk to about clairvoyance has experienced this. Have you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have not personally experienced this, but it makes perfect sense (pun intended…) that you can do this. Everything vibrates at their specific tonal rate. People pick up on those tones in various ways – either through clairvoyant or clairaudience or any of the clairs. You just use your sense of smell to interpret these vibrational tones. That is pretty neat!! It is the same thing as how I use clairvoyance to read both people who are alive and those who are deceased – just as you can “smell” certain fragrances on people I get an image when I interact with people either in person or online. It would be interesting for you to track what you pick up on and see if you can correlate it to anything specifically. Maybe you smell roses when you meet someone nice or smell cigar smoke when you are around someone whose characteristics reminds you of an uncle who smokes cigars – that kind of thing. And I would definitely trust it if you smell something pungent – that is a great warning system!


      1. I can usually pick up on auras/feelings as well. The smell thing seems to be quite unique.
        I won’t go to the crystal shop near me (never been there, only heard of it) because I sense someone there “summons”. So I order crystals online.
        Also.. it’s amazing that you said “a cigar” and “uncle”. My uncle who severely traumatized me as a child smoked cigars and the smell of them causes me extreme anxiety! I believe you definitely felt that from my vibration. I’ve always been extremely sensitive to smells so I guess it’s not that weird that I get certain “scents” along with my intuition. Thank you so much for responding!!

        Liked by 1 person

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