So, what is October set to bring us energywise…

The first image my guides are sending me is of an older man sitting on the edge of a pier casting a fishing line out into a lake. This is a classic symbol from my guides for waiting and patience. October is a month that may lead us to test our patience. What we want to manifest and come to fruition may not happen this month. Instead, we just need to cast out our line and wait for the fish to bite. Make sure you put effort in though, you have to have your bait in the water to attract the fish – the fish may just not be around this month. But be patient my internet peeps.

The next image my guides are sending me are silver bells ringing. Silver is the color of our spirit guides and bells symbolize someone trying to get your attention. This month look out for signs – they are all around you – they will help direct you on the path you are meant to be on. Your guides are trying to get your attention – pay attention – listen, look, be aware. Don’t second guess yourself when you get a hunch or gut feeling this month – listen to it – follow through.

The final image my guides are sending is of a sun cresting just over some mountains in the background. This feels like the energy of a sunrise – but the sun hasn’t fully made it’s way into the sky. This is the energy of a project that is in the works to manifest – energy has been put in, but you are still in the beginning stages – the real growth is just beginning to show, but it isn’t at its peak yet and won’t be there for some time. But, this is the time to admire the beauty of where you are at this moment. The moment before absolute manifestation – the energy of beginnings and starts – the passion and excitement that comes from this time. Enjoy the sunrise.

My internet peeps, have a great and spooky October!!!

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