Being a die-hard introvert, social settings can be difficult for me sometimes, especially when I am meeting new people. Add in the psychic factor, and blunders can happen…trust me. 

So, in the spirit of good-natured fun, I thought I would put together 10 tips that I try to (try is the operative word) follow when interacting with other non-woo woo individuals.

1 – Don’t congratulate someone on their pregnancy unless they have told you. Especially if they are not showing yet.

2 – Remember to ask questions of any new people you meet including, but not limited to, what they do, if they are married with kids, what they enjoy doing in their free time. Don’t give any hints that you already have the answers to these questions. 

3 – When speaking to someone, make sure to look at them and not at their aura. Eyes on the face not the colors. 

4 – Also try not to look behind them to check out any spirits they’ve brought along. 

5 – In line with above, remember to speak out loud to the person in front of you and not carry on a conversation in your mind with the spirit they brought along. Ditto for conversations with your spirit guide – you came to socialize with people not spirits.

6 – If someone reveals their birthday, don’t automatically ask for their time and location of birth…unless they seem open to the woo woo. They go ahead and ask, but only if you have an app on your phone that you can use to pull up their chart. If you go this route be prepared to have a line form up with people seeking free readings. 

7 – When, in casual conversation, someone starts talking about their dreams, don’t tell them immediately what they mean and what they should do about it. Sometimes those dreams reveal more personal information that they are aware of and said person may become embarrassed when they realize what they have revealed. Alternatively, if you interpret their dream be prepared for another line to form around you with individuals asking you to interpret their dreams. 

8 – When speaking to the non-woo woo type, try not to talk about things in terms of energy or vibration. Not everyone will understand what you are talking about when saying the energy of the room is off. 

9 – Whatever you do, don’t tell someone that their heart chakra is closed. That’s just not cool…even if it is. 

10 – And, of course, don’t go up to people and tell them you have a message from their dead mother. Those tv shows that use this method are not doing any favors to our profession. Keep those lips shut. If you have a persistent spirit suggest a reading to the individual, don’t blurt out their past grievances from the deceased in front of lots of people.

And there you have it. Ten tips for psychics in social situations. Do you have any tips you follow when interacting with incarnate people??

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