This past weekend, I was reminded of a tip to develop your psychic abilities and connection with the spirit world while the book club I am a member of was discussing my book, The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need. I know, this book club is amazeballs – they let me talk about my woo-woo ways and I think I am slowly converting some of the members…

Anyway, we were discussing our interactions with spirit guides, because you know that is one of my favorite topics, and one woman was telling her story. When others said they had not had similar experiences I pushed back with a question – had they asked their guides for anything?

Spirit guides, and most entities in general, are very aware of our free will while we are incarnate here on earth. They are not going to push their agenda on us or try to force us to interact with a spirit world that we are not comfortable with.

This means that, in order to have interactions with our guides, we must first ask.

Now, I know I am going to have people say, “well I asked my guide and then they didn’t show up in front of my face and tell me the answer to all my problems”. You also have to remember that a guide can only work at the energy vibration that you are receptive to – and that very likely is not going to be seeing them manifest in a physical form in front of you.

Instead, a guide will act in subtle ways – perhaps a coin found in an unusual place or a specific song on the radio that gives you the answer you need. You have to be aware and pay attention to what is around you – being distracted is not going to help you interact with your guides.

Before I regularly communicated with my guides and had psychic visions on an everyday basis, I still received information from my guides. There are multiple times in my life that I remember instances where information came through to me, even though I was not aware and did not have a clear concept of the spirit world.

What does this look like on a practical level? Way back when I was in college, I did not know anything about spirit guides, but I did practice meditation regularly and was connecting with the spirit world even though I was not aware of it. I distinctly remember having a specific question that I was mulling over and then hearing a song on the radio that provided the answer. The song just clicked, and I knew the answer deep down. My guides had sent me a message and communicated with me – I just asked the question and then they delivered the answer at a vibratory level that I could understand and was comfortable with. At that vibratory level I would not have acknowledged or been comfortable with visions or words dropped into my mind.

Nowadays, my interactions with my guides are on a more specific level – but one where I still have to ask. I don’t usually receive flashes of insight out of the blue, unless there is something specific, they want to tell me, but instead I must ask my guides a question first. After developing my abilities and changing my vibratory field, I receive answers in the form of clairvoyant images, inner nudges, and clairaudient information.

Back when I was in college, I was not at the level where I could have comprehended or accepted information coming in through clairvoyant means. I would have likely just disregarded it as my imagination or mental clutter. So, instead my guides came through to me in a manner that I understood and was receptive to.

What this all comes down to is that, in order to have a relationship and communicate with your guides, you must first ask a question or ask for contact. They aren’t going to come at you out of the blue – you need to make an effort.

Have you interacted with your guides? What form does the interaction take?

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