November is going to prove to be an interesting month for us. Below is a general intuitive forecast for what we can expect to encounter energy-wise.

The first image I received was of an individual stirring a pot with different ingredients in it. November is a month in which we will see how all the different activities, projects, and situations we have been experiencing over the last year come together and start to coalesce. For some individuals this will be a tasty stew but for others the ingredients will turn out sour.

Pay attention to how different aspects of your life interact with each other this month. Something that you do during your spare time may show up in your work life and visa versa. Everything will influence one another as the energies start to blend together.

The next image I was sent was of a scarecrow out in a field of corn with wind blowing around it. We are asked to weather the storm this month. Energies may be coming at us from all directions and it is up to use to stand firm in our foundations. See if you can pull power from the wind and use that energy in your life instead of being knocked over by it.

Finally, my guides sent me the image and sounds of a stormy night. The dark clouds in the sky are covering the moon and just starting to grumble. Watch tempers this month as things can get out of hand quickly. There is a low level of negative energy around and some people may tap into this and use it to manifest outbursts. Try to take this energy and ground it into the earth – don’t let it strike you from out of nowhere.

Well, I will say good luck, and may the blessings of the gods be in your favor – it looks like we have an interesting month ahead!

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