This year, my “word of the year” – the keyword that I am attempting to the best of my ability to live by – is Authenticity. Now that we are almost to the end of the year I have been reflecting back on the ability to be my “authentic” self and what that statement even means.

I believe that our purpose here on earth is to live our authentic life – to bring our divine self into manifestation. That divine self is not something that is “perfection” under our cultural standards, but instead it is something that contains flaws and is unique in its own true essence. Being our authentic self means living a life that has shades and is not strictly one color but many mixed together. 

There are several obstacles that I have seen as pivotal in the ability to live an authentic life. One such, is caring too much about what other people think. So many people are culturally conditioned to care and seek the opinions of others. This is something that is so ingrained in our society that it is difficult to shirk off. Even in our social media individuals seek likes and comments, feeling a sense of gratification and worthiness when they pass a certain number of likes or followers. 

This past year I have watched my reaction to other people – especially with social media – and I have worked on realizing when I am seeking that approval and what I can do to tamp down on that reaction. It helps that instagram has changed their algorithm so many times that I just don’t care anymore on the strategies to use to “be seen” and “be heard”. But, I also realize how important that engagement is – but the most important thing is to be authentic to yourself and not try to be the same way others are. Create something that is unique to you and not to others – that has been my goal.

Another obstacles, and perhaps one I see as the biggest hurdle and one that I have not fully come to terms with yet, is how being your authentic self effects other people and their rights and decisions. Does putting on an “act” or behaving a certain way around other people for the sake of a different individual effect your authenticity? Being authentic here – I still don’t know…

For me, this comes with my identity as a witch and psychic, two things that are not seen as standard in our modern society, especially in the suburban midwest where I live. Who do I let in on this side of myself and who do I hide this side of myself from. Personally, I have stayed in the “broom closet” with my husband’s relatives and my daughter’s acquaintances. So, in these situations, how can you be authentic but still respect other people’s opinions and values. That is something that I grapple with and a point of contention that I have not been able to settle within myself.

One reason I have this dilemma is because I see personally how powerful living your authentic and true life can be. When I am open to others about who I am and what I do I then allow the conversation to flow in different directions that allow for expansion and, for some, a spiritual awakening. I am not trying to be egotistical here – but instead just point out that when you are your authentic self it allows others to be more conformable being their authentic self as well.

For me, being an INFJ, I also think in a way that is very spiritual and broad perspective. Having a conversation full of mundane topics is difficult and a bit like pulling teeth for me. But, if I am able to bring up the spiritual implications or possibilities of a topic, I can then more fully engage in the conversation.

So, this rambling blog post about authenticity basically comes down to – I think being your authentic self is the purpose of life and a really great thing – but sometimes it is just hard to know when to be authentic and when to hide your light. Of course, with the Pluto-Saturn conjunction coming up at the beginning of 2020, I think hiding your light is going to be a lot more difficult – but more on that important transit later… 

What are your thoughts? Are you always your authentic self? When do you hide your light?

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