Lately I’ve really been enjoying just doing a general energy picture for the coming month instead of focusing on anything too specific, and, since I am all about doing what you feel like doing and living the way you want to live – that is what you get this month…again.  An energetic peak at what we can expect for December 2019. 

Take this information and use it to the best of your ability – use this information to plan what you want to undertake and where you want to head. It is always helpful to know when the energy will be for you and when it will be working against you.

Okay, so here goes! 

The first image I am getting is of an older man sitting around a campfire. There is a green tent in the background and the man is just relaxing next to the fire, calmly looking into it, letting his mind wonder back on his past. This month you may find yourself reflecting on where you have been – more specifically, on those situations and moments in your life that you “let your light shine”. There are times in your life where you were proud of who you were and your ability to be brave and fearless. This is a month to reflect back on those times – the old man has a slight smile on his face – he is proud and so should you.

Now the image shifts to an individual with a shot gun. This is a month to “take aim” at what you want. Look through the scope and find the target in your sights. This is not necessarily the time to “fire” your bullets or to act, instead, prepare and figure out what it is exactly you want to be aiming for. 

The last image that comes through is of a little girl jumping over a jump rope. This is a common image that my guides send me as a message to have fun and channel your inner child. Don’t take life so seriously all the time – trust me, your guides and the spirits around you don’t. Life is about experiencing emotions and having fun. There is no reason to be so serious. Who is it that determined that being an adult meant that you can’t have fun and be silly. Try to find one thing every day this month to laugh at. It doesn’t matter if it is a funny cat video on youtube or a joke your co-worker said – laugh each and every day.

What great messages to take us into the last month of the year. A time of reflection and considering what we want to achieve in the coming year, along with some laughter. A perfect way to round out 2019!

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