*** The Meet the Spirit series introduces us to a spirit entity each week.  These spirit entities bring forth a message for the audience.  If you would like to get to know your personal spirit guides, please check up my spirit guide reading available through Etsy***

An individual is coming forward. This individual is all in white and has very pale skin, no hair and blue eyes. Now they are presenting with shoulder length white hair. This spirit is appearing as both a man and a woman – neither gender at once – sometimes more feminine – sometimes more masculine.

I ask this spirit what we can call them and they say “Chavez”.

I ask this spirit what message they have for us today. The image shifts to this spirit walking on the earth with bare feet. The image in the background looks like it has faded colors against the pale white skin of this spirit. Walking this earth it may seem like we need to fit into a box – to self identify as one or the other – but this earth wasn’t designed this way. This earth was designed as an Eden, a place of relaxation and multiplication. But forces have lead to a division, a duality that was not apparent when it was created. A separation that was not meant to exist.

Now this scene moves to a white room with a table and a two chairs. The spirit takes one chair and I take the other. Spirit puts their elbow on the table and steeples their hands togethers. The earth is ready to heal the divide. The earth is ready to come together – “as my hands come together so will the earth”. There may be segments of society that stay apart – but the fingertips – the tops will combine and see unity. At this point the hands will eventually completely move together and we can be one again. 

Division isn’t natural. Duality is a construct. Find your center – be one with who you are.

Thank you, Chavez, for that very insightful message. May blessings be upon you and yours. 

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