*** As we get closer to the January 2020 release of The Witch’s Book of Love, I’ve got a few blog posts lined up about all things pertaining to LOVE. But first, I think we need to establish a common ground and dispel some of the heteronormative culture that is prevalent in our modern society. So – basically – that means you get my spiritual perspective on gender today. Enjoy! ***

Gender is an interesting topic that is slowly starting to come up more and more in popular culture. My older readers may not be as aware of the prevalence of overcoming gender norms that exist these days as the younger generation comes onto the scene. I will expose myself as the upper end of the millennial generation and will say that a fair number of my peers, especially those that aren’t exposed to younger individuals, are not aware of this coming and prevalent gender discussion.

So, what exactly am I talking about. It seems the youth of today are doing their best to represent gender fluidity – the idea that gender isn’t something that is static but something that morphs and changes – something that is difficult to define and is not necessarily represented by the body parts that you are born with.

Yep, the generation to come are starting to refuse to define themselves as “him” or “her” and are instead using terms like “they”. Even the great Merriam Webster dictionary is getting with the times and has now added “they” as a pronoun.

And guess what…this is exactly on point spiritually. 

As spirits, we are not strictly masculine or feminine – instead we contain elements of both these energies – as spirits we are non-binary. We have lived lives as both men and women. We fall on a continuum of energy – not one distinct side. 

What the youth of today (although I will admit that is stereotyping a bit, there are older individuals who think this way too) realize is that by defining your gender in strict terms, you do not allow yourself to be who you truly are – and who you truly are is a mix of both masculine and feminine energies.

**** After I wrote this post (yep, I write these weeks in advance) a news article came out that Star Wars star Billy Dee Williams considers himself gender fluid – so my comments about this being a younger generation phenomenon should be taken with a grain of salt. And can we just say yay!!! for this kind of representation in traditional media and the press!!***

The ancients understood this. One of the principles of the Kybalion is that of Gender. The authors of the Kybalion point out that gender is a continuum – one that individuals fall somewhere on with the ultimate goal perhaps to be gender neutral. It further explains that gender – the masculine and feminine principles – has more to do with creation and the natural process of manifestation that anything related to the body parts that you chose to incarnate with.

It seems that the modern age has forgotten this, but this coming generation is bringing it back into fashion. If you open your eyes you will start to see popular culture working more and more to show gender as something fluid and not defined as strictly male/female.

I find it very interesting that as we head into the coming year, especially with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction upon us (more on that later), that these cultural shifts are becoming more and more common. It is as if our society is starting to recognize our spiritual and soul aspects and manifest those in our reality instead of hiding behind the duality that has been so prevalent in the last century. 

I hope this trend continues and individuals don’t see the need to define themselves in any way – that they allow the fluidity that exists naturally in spiritual form to take shape and manifest in physical form as we move towards the shift in vibration that is upon us.

What do you think about gender fluidity? Is it something you accept in your life? 

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