*** This is a continuation on my posts relating to the upcoming January 2020 release of The Witch’s Book of Love. Just sitting here establishing some perspectives on my spiritual views on some fundamental topics that will let you know where I am coming from. ***

So, I know that my readership spans a wide range of individuals – everything from generation z up to those wise crones. I’m also aware that not everyone is paying attention to the cultural shift that seems to be taking place in our world today. 

Most people when discussing sexuality are likely aware of the LGBT community – however – that is not all that exists now these days. Now it is more common and socially acceptable to say the LGBTQIA+ designation. Here is a good explanation of what all these letters mean.

Basically, what this boils down to is that the individuals on the planet today are attempting to define and identify their sexuality but are having a difficult time with the terms and definitions that were popular in generations past and so now new terms are popping onto the scene.

It is very common for individuals to identify as pansexual, which means that an individual is attracted to a person, not a certain gender or biological identity. 

An interesting study was recently done of 1,000 individuals from 13 to 26 in which 57% of the individuals did not identify themselves as heterosexual with 47% preferring not to put a definition on their sexuality. 

So, now that we’ve set some groundwork about what the coming generation and where our culture is potentially shifting to, let’s look at this topic from a spiritual perspective…

I have already stated in my Gender blog post that spiritually, gender is fluid and we cannot define our soul essence as strictly masculine or feminine. Likewise, I believe that you cannot define sexuality with any set terms. Instead, like gender, spiritually sexuality is much more fluid and harder to put into definitive categories. 

Souls are attracted to other individuals at a soul level, to live out predetermined experiences that will help both souls learn and grow. Some times these relationships feel very intense and likely have a soulmate level bond but other times it is just a relationship that is in the path for growth. And, very rarely, you get a relationship set up as a “twin flame” – but you may know my opinion on that matter and how rare and uncharacteristic those relationships actually are.

I am hoping that in the years to come, these strict definitions and the need to identify ourselves as “one or the other” falls away. As individuals start to see themselves as fluid, both in gender and sexuality, they are more likely able to connect with their soul level self and learn and grow to a broader and more spiritual degree.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel the need to put a label on your sexuality? 

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