Are you ready for a new year???? On this lovely Christmas Day, I will be looking at what energy we can expect next month while on New Years Day I will post my energy forecast for all of 2020 – so keep your eye out for that.

So, guides on high, what can we expect for January 2020???

The first image I am seeing is of a light, a lamp, that is on a ship out at sea in the middle of a storm. This is a message of hope and seeing the “light” even in the midst of hardship and darkness. It seems that January may bring us some emotional turmoil and upset – but – try to find the light during those tough times – it is there. What you think may be devastation and heartache may actually be opportunity and growth. Find that light – and believe. 

Next my guides sent me the image of someone blowing out a candle. Not a birthday candle but one light. Interesting that we are having two light symbols right away with differing meanings. This message is about something that we enjoy, a passion that has driven us, being extinguished this month. Something that seemed too good to be true may have been and it gets swept under the rug. “Expect the unexpected. Anticipate nothing. Learn from patience.”


I asked for one final message and now the guides are sending the image of an individual writing on a piece of paper by candle light. The writing is cursive and I get the sense that this act took place in the past. It feels like a message from our past is going to come back to us this month. For some of you this may be a literal writing – like reviewing what you wrote in a journal back when you were a kid or reviewing what your goals were for the previous year – but for others this takes a wider stance – like an interpretation of a part or time in history that is turned on its head. 

Well, it looks like we have an interesting month to look forward to! I hope everyone holds in there and sees that light even in tough time!! 

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