Can you believe it is a new year!!! Craziness. Let’s see what we can expect. And – as always – you can order your own individual Yearly energy forecast from my Etsy shop if you are curious to see a more personal perspective.

Energy of the Upcoming Year

The first image my guides are sending along is of a ship out at sea during a storm. But the image doesn’t stop there. Now a white color/paper is laid over it and a hand holding a black pen puts a dot over the image. So, we have two images here, a ship out at sea during a storm and an overlay of a white piece of paper with a black dot. 

This coming year is an opportunity for you to gain perspective. At times you may feel yourself getting caught up in the emotions and turmoil around you – but if you pull yourself back – if you change perspective – you will see that you are just a dot, a speck among the clouds – that this time is an opportunity for you to experience what it is like to be a part of something bigger and greater than yourself. 

The next image my guides are sending is of a baseball player hitting a ball and the words “home run”. For some of you this year you may finally achieve what it is that you have set your mind to – you may finally hit that “home run” and receive all the congratulations and glory that you have been waiting for. Yay for us!!!

I am asking for one more image and I am getting this impression of eating something that does not taste good or agree with me. It is like a mound of mushy ickiness. This year you may find yourself have to “swallow” a side of yourself or situation that just doesn’t “feel” right. But, in order to get where you want to go – in order to manifest and achieve what you desire – you must first get through this icky part. Open wide and just chew the d*mn thing…

Advice for the Upcoming Year

So, we have received some interesting images and impressions for the energy this coming year – what advice do the guides have on how we should handle this.

The first image the guides are sending is of a man jumping with a pink jump rope. Remember to have fun and experience life through the perspective and energy of your inner child. Don’t take everything so seriously all the time. Life is meant to be fun and an adventure. We are able to connect more with our spiritual side when we are enjoying ourselves. It is when we get sad and have a downward outlook that it is harder to hear and communicate with our guides.

The next piece of advice the guides are sending along is of an individual with a bow and arrow. They have used this imagery a lot recently. It has to do with making sure you are aware of what you want and that you are aiming for your desires – and not someone else’s. This year, really focus on what you want – and make sure what you want is what you actually want and not what you think you should want…you get me??? Double check your desires. 

The final piece of advice the guides are giving me is of someone blowing an air kiss. This is a general piece of advice to make sure that you are kind and sending love out into the world. You all likely know my beliefs on love by now – it should be freely given to all and I mean all – send that love vibration out to your enemies – you may be surprised what happens. 


Usually, in these readings, I then give the guides an opportunity to just say whatever it is they have on their minds for the individual – so, let’s do that now…

The guides are showing me an image of individuals drumming in a collective circle. This is a message to beat your own drum – to find your own rhythm and desires – and then, once you have your own groove going – this is when other people will find their way in to add their own influence and flavors to your beat.

It isn’t about finding your “tribe” but about being yourself and then your tribe will come to you.

Animal Guide

The animal guide for this upcoming year for us collectively is the peacock. This year is all about showing your feathers and who you truly are. Don’t try to hide your beauty or your light – instead spread those feathers for everyone to see. 

When one person is brave enough to show who they truly are then it is an opportunity for others to feel more comfortable with being themselves. Are you that person for other people??


It just so happens that I have already written a piece about the numerology fo

2020 is set to be a 4 year numerologically. 4 years tend to be relatively stable and have a comfy-cozy homey vibe to them. They are characterized as a time of reflection after the growth that generally occurs with a 3 year (aka 2019). 4 years are a great time to spend connecting with family members and adding to a foundation that already exists in your work life.

2020 in particular, however, has an extra dimension to it. Taking out the 0s, this year could be seen as a master number 22. 22 is the number of the master builder. Those who find themselves in a spiritual space may relate more to the 22 vibration of 2020 rather than the 4 energy. If this is the case, they may find that 2020 is the perfect year to take dreams and manifest them into physical reality.

2020 will also bring us the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which occurs in January and speaks to an astrological time of tearing down structures. This will set the stage for those with a spiritual bent to tap into the 22 master builder energy of 2020 and create structures to replace those that have fallen. 

I hope everyone has a wonderfully fantastic 2020!!!! Many Blessings to you all my fine friends!!

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