I mentioned a bit about what the numerology of 2020 means for us in this weeks 2020 Psychic Energy forecast – but, if you want a more in depth explanation of what we can expect in 2020, check out this article for Refinery29 which quotes yours truly (aka me…)

It is also a great reminder to pre-order your copy of The Witch’s Book of Love coming out in a few weeks! In the book you can learn how to use numerology to seek a partner or figure out if your special love interest is compatible. But that is not all (said in used car salesman voice) – you will also learn how to use astrology, palmistry and spell craft to attract and discover love!!!

And then…if you just want to know what the energy has in store for you and not necessarily the world at large…you can always order yourself a reading. I recommend Energy and Advice for the Year Ahead to give you a broad outlook!

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