*** Yep, you’ve found yourself another blog post in preparation for the release of The Witch’s Book of Love. I hope you enjoy this one!!! ***

Love is one of those topics that comes up A LOT in tarot and psychic readings. It is also a topic that I felt the need to distance myself from at times, especially when I started my professional practice. I mean, how stereotypical is it for a psychic to be asked to predict if a relationship will work out or if it is mean to be?? But…you know what…the more I look into relationships, the more I can see how helpful it is for a psychic or tarot reader to offer a bit of perspective on a relationship. 

So, what can a psychic, witch or metaphysical perspective really offer someone looking for or in a relationship and where will it likely fall flat??


Firstly, let me tell you, it is immensely difficult to predict timing in a relationship. AKA – “when am I going to meet ‘Mr. Right’ instead of ‘Mr. Right Now’.” Unless a psychic specializes in timing, it is very unlikely that they are going to pick up the exact day. There are just too many factors that come into play when predicting events in the future, and then add two people and all the different decisions that need to come into place for them to come together – majorly difficult!!

Now, what is a bit easier, is to find a general time range that an individual may pop up and you should be on the look out for them. For example, using astrology you can look to see if there is a major transit that must occur or if there is a malefic planets in a relationship house that may be delaying a relationship. 


What is easier to read and see is the compatibility between two individuals through metaphysical tools and psychic insight. This is where you can read if souls are meant to interact or if there are certain characteristics that may throw off the relationship. 

If you are looking for a way to do this yourself, get yourself a copy of The Witch’s Book of Love!!! 

Many tools can be used to do this – from tarot to numerology to astrology – all offering a different perspective and insight. In terms of relationship readings, this is my favorite avenue to delve into and understand.


Another very difficult thing to predict about relationships is what the individual is going to look like or how they are going to appear. Sometimes you can pick up on soul characteristics, but seeing their physical bodies is a bit harder – not impossible, just harder.

And, sometimes, guides don’t want an individual to know what their “soulmate” looks like because they are meant to have other relationships before that person comes into their lives. If you tell an individual that their soulmate has dark hair, they will likely immediately (either consciously or subconsciously) reject every light haired individual that comes their way – even if they were supposed to have a relationship with that other person to prepare themselves to be in the right growth pattern for their eventual partner. 

Personally, I also read souls a lot better than I read physical bodies. This makes it super duper difficult for me to figure out what biological sex a baby is going to be born with – plus my views on gender. I can read the soul energy of a baby in utero but that soul may have more masculine energy and are planning to come into a biologically female body to get the experience they want to have. 

Thus – souls are usually easier to read than bodies making telling a client what their “soulmate” or perfect partner looks like particularly difficult.

How do you use metaphysical tools or psychic abilities to find relationships? Is there one tool you prefer over another? What limitations do you see??

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