I’ve written previously about my thoughts on twin flames (check out this blog post), but I thought I would add a little something more – especially since, you know, the whole The Witch’s Book of Love being released this week!!! (I promise you will get more variety in blog posts after this week…)

So, to recap for my irregular readers – twin flames are like soul mate relationships on steroids. In general, the term has become super popular this last decade and people are claiming to meet their twin flame every Thursday – okay, that may be a little exaggeration – but LOTS of people claim to have a twin flame relationship when, in reality, it is just a totally cool soulmate relationship which is very valid.

Now, what is the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame relationship? Soulmate relationships are preplanned before incarnation. There tends to be some karma that needs to be worked out or some life lessons that can better be accomplished together. There is also A LOT of learning that happens through the relationship. Sometimes soulmate relationship last a lifetime and sometimes they are around for just a few years or months. But, whatever the case, they are special and should not be discounted.

Twin flame relationships however, are MUCH more complicated. They are also extremely rare. They are not something that happens to everyone, and really, most people would likely prefer a soulmate relationship to a twin flame one if they really understood what they are.

Some people believe that twin flame relationships are the result of a spirit being split in two and incarnating two halves of itself into two different bodies. I’m not 100% sold on this, but it could be the case, so I’m not discounting it. There are plenty of recorded accounts of a soul splitting its essence into two bodies during the same general time period – so this is a possibility.

What is clear about a twin flame relationship is that there are A LOT of instances which seem like FATE having a hand in the relationship. The way the two individuals meet may be interesting or there may be several opportunities for a meeting to occur before it actually happens. In general, there is a lot of fated interactions between the couple.

Also, twin flame relationships are NOT EASY. Emotions tend to run high as the individuals involved incorporate opposing aspects of the same energy. This can cause a lot of conflict until the two parties learn how to function as a whole. Think of it like the energy of a full moon. During a full moon the sun is at one side of the zodiac while the moon is at an opposing side. These two energies pull against each other and can create a lot of tension. But, when they find a way to work well together – they bring us the ultimate source of light – the darkness of the moon plus the brightness of the sun – the FULL MOON.

Witnessing a twin flame relationship can be very special and beautiful as they are not very common. I feel that it is a disservice to individuals that actually experience this kind of relationship to call every interesting relationship a twin flame one. No – that is just not the case. Twin flames are rare. Soul mates are common, but beautiful in their own right.

Do you believe you have found a twin flame?? Do you believe you have found a soulmate?? Have you ever met someone in a twin flame relationship? 

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