Oh wise ones in the ethers – what can we expect for February 2020…

Naw, I’m just being silly there. Here is your February 2020 forecast based on the energy I am feeling and picking up on.

The first image that comes through is a basketball bouncing. February is a month of exploring and trying new things – of learning new lessons that we can then incorporate into our day to day lives. This is a great month to read a book you would not have normally picked up or sign up for a class. Something out of the ordinary that can then lead you to a more fulfilling day to day reality.

The next image I am getting is of a bunch of balloons – like the type that are filled with helium. It feels like there is something to celebrate this month for us – a victory or celebration of some type – a new energy that is coming into the fray. The balloons are a lot of different colors so this is a meshing of energies.

Finally my guides sent me the energy and sound of shouting – lots of shouting on top of each other. This month it may be hard to hear what people are saying – to really understand them through all the different layers of noise that are projected out into the world. Be patient – be still – maybe take up meditating for five minutes a day (oohhh, I need that advice!!) so that you can hear through all the commotion. 

It looks like we have an interesting month ahead !!

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