First, a few caveats before I get into this blog post. This is going to be a little ranty and is strictly based on my observations and opinions – so take everything with a grain of salt. Also, I am neither part of generation z nor a young millennial (I’m barely a millennial) – so I count myself in with society who needs to pay attention and listen up – since I’ve started, I’ve learned a thing or two. 

I, like many older individuals, have that preconceived notion that I know more than those younger than me and have more life experience. But…guess what…those younger individuals, they have something that the previous generations didn’t have…

On a whole, from what I have witnessed and experienced, more and more of those souls being born have a strong intuitive ability. They are empathic and psychic on a scale this earth hasn’t seen in generations. 

The vibrations of this planet are increasing and with that the vibrations of those souls being born have increased as well.

So…what does this mean on a practical level??

Kids these days just know things. They may not know why or how they know something – but they do. And this should not be discounted. 

They will intuitively just do and say things that are right but not have the “hard core” facts to back this up. Just because they don’t have the facts does not mean that we as a society should discount their reasoning.

With this influx of naturally intuitive individuals, we will see, as we have already begun to witness, the uncovering of facts and information that has long been discounted or swept under the rug.

What am I talking about here…

It is harder to manipulate this younger generation than those before them. They just know that you are bullshitting them – they may not have actual physical proof – but give them enough time to act on their instincts and they are likely to come up with something. 

As this generation matures and starts to get into positions of power, they will likely be able to change society in ways that we have not previously seen. This is something that people likely spout on about with each new generation – but we are already seeing the influence of these younger highly intuitive individuals – I mean, just read the statistics on gender and sexuality – these individuals just know spiritual truths on an inherent level.

So, the next time you want to discount some “conspiracy theory” or “feeling” of someone younger than you, take a step back – give their opinion or thoughts some merit.

Have you noticed this influx on intuitive individuals??? What do you think about this??


    1. That’s true, but it is more than education alone. You can see it in their aura – there are just more naturally intuitive individuals being born than the current older generation. Intuitive people have more indigo, blue and silver in their aura. Most older individuals have reds and yellows. It is a shift that is happening at this time and interesting to observe.


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