I’ve worked on this post numerous times in my head, but decided now is a great time to actually sit down and write it out. The thing is, I didn’t even know that the term Egregore existed a year ago. This is a theory that was easy for my mind to wrap around but I just didn’t realize their was an actual term and energy that had gone into this concept. Personally, I was calling egregores “thought forms” previous to learning this word.

So…what is an egregore. An egregore is a collection of energy that is centered around a concept, person or situation. When a great deal of energy collects in one place it forms a collective of energy that has its own power and influence. 

Egregores are very common and can be seen almost anywhere in our culture. Some of them are purposely made and “fed” with extra energy and others are the byproducts of the culture we live in – especially with social media and the power of the internet connecting almost all sections of the world.

An example of an egregore is Coca-Cola. Just hearing the name will bring up associations and an energy in you. You likely already see certain colors and may even have a sense of a “crisp” energy emanating from it. Every time a new commercial comes out or advertising campaign, it feeds this egregore which is Coca-Cola. It is hard to get away from the behemoth of energy they have created around this product over the years and if one day they suddenly wanted to change the colors to purple and orange they would have a difficult time reforming the brand because of the energy that is already present in it.

Now, it is not just products and corporations that have egregores associated with them. People, especially celebrities, can have large egregores that they or their management feeds to bring about a certain perception or energy with an individual. Sometimes these egregores are completely opposite to how the individual actual is in “real life” but the common viewer will have a difficult time seeing through the egregore that has been built up around them. This becomes especially problematic when an individual is heavily associated with a character they play and individuals have a difficult time separating the character from the actual person (just look at all the work John Boyega has to do to disassociate himself from the Star Wars character he played).

There are also some egregores that are purposely built and maintained. The Rosicrucians have continuously fed an egregore that they constructed in the ethos that has become pretty powerful over the years. 

Now that you know these egregores exist – why should you really care??

It is easy to get your energy caught up and entangled in certain egregores, especially those that have a lot of energy associated with them. A lot of fandoms consist of people sending their energy and melding it with an egregore that exists around something be it a celebrity, a tv show or certain move empires. 

I am not saying that this is a bad thing – just something to be aware of. 

If you feel yourself being pulled in a certain direction, make sure it is a direction that you want to be pulled in. Make sure the energy that you surround yourself with – the fandom or egregore you interact with – is full of the energy that you want to let into your field and contribute to??

Also, it is important to be aware that not all egregores are based on the “truth”. Some, especially those that are the result of the pr firms, are purposely constructed on illusions that are designed to bring in sales. It is very easy to get fooled by these egregores and feed your energy into them. It is best to disassociate your energy and view each situation yourself with your own eyes and not what the media tells you.

Personally, as a psychic and empath, I find egregores rather annoying. When one starts to act up my energy tends to get drawn in that direction and I delve into the egregore to learn more. This tends to happen when a major shift is about to occur or energy is about to be redirected and refocused in some way. These egregores have taught me a lot over time and I am always curious as to why my energy is being directed in a particular way and then I patiently await for the next action point to occur. 

The other little annoying thing that happens with egregores is that sometimes they mess up a psychic reading. I don’t like to do celebrity readings, but you can find a bunch of them online or on youtube. Sometimes I like to watch these, especially for egregores that have activated, and I can usually tell when an individual is reading a media egregore or when they are reading the true energy of a person. They can sometimes become entangled and difficult to unravel – but when there is a stark contrast between the egregore presented to the public and the actual individual it is fascinating to watch. 

So, what do you think about egregores? Can you think of any that you have been drawn into either willingly or unwillingly?? Do you view any people or situations differently because of this information?? 

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  1. Hello, I actually ran into your post after googling how to deal with energetic egregore.
    in your post, you mention that we need to be aware to be pulled to the direction that we want (sort of a contract between you and the egregore? sort of? )…
    but what if you’re collaborating with the gregore of your work place. often a company that have their well defined egregore? how to deal with them. they are there…there isn’t a question of that. for sure. I feel the “quality” of every egregore i worked for, I just couldn’t pin it down till now let alone knowing how to deal with them (they are all heavy!).
    any tips?

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