I have been very curious to see what the energy forecast is like for March, as I keep getting messages from my guides that we are coming up on what I like to call a “touchpoint”. This is a moment in time that is significant and has an energetic signature that can either go one or the other way. It feels like the events and energies that we manifest in March will lead us down one of two roads. Which road we pick will be up to our energetic signature. 

So…with that interesting intro…let’s see what energy we can expect in March.

The first image my guides are sending through is that of a ship out at sea, at night during a storm. Hmmm, that seems ominous. This is a representation of chaotic energies and a time of potential emotional upheaval. We will have to try our best to stay “above water” this month and keep our emotional lives and frustrations in check.

The next image my guides sent along is that of a man holding a lamp in a storm. It almost looks like the Hermit card in Tarot, only there is also a storm raging around them. This is symbolic that there is “light at the end of the tunnel” but it may be difficult to see through all the extra energetic “noise”. Pay attention it is there.

The next image my guides sent a long is of what looks to be a fork in the road. It almost looks like a drawing of a wishbone with the straight part at the bottom and then it branches off into two paths. Yep, this is what they have been saying – we are at a touchpoint where we as a society will either go “left” or “right” – not in the political sense but in the energetic sense. It is a moment in time where there is the potential for a shift – for a road to go down – but that decision hasn’t been set in stone yet.

I ask if there are any last messages they want to pass along…you know…because this doesn’t seem like the most optimistic forecast ever. My guides hand me a red rose and say – remember that you are soul above all else – that you are eternally and fully loved in all capacities and forms. 

Thank you my guides for this reading. Let us all manifest a happy path ahead and spread positivity in our world. Remember, our vibrations, our thoughts matter – send out peace and happiness and you will receive that in return. 

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