Our culture and society has largely shaped what we think of when we imagine aliens. You may picture little green men or scary monsters. But these preconceived notations of what aliens are start to become a hinderance to our beliefs when they infiltrate what we allow ourselves to perceive as “alien”.

Now, what am I talking about here?? By and large aliens are actually just entities that vibrate at a different frequency than we do. Like us, they choose to incarnate into a form, but their forms contain different vibrations and they choose to have different experiences.

I do believe that aliens have visited us and are visiting us here on earth. Many times we do not actually perceive their presence because they are vibrating at a frequency that we cannot perceive with our eyes. Just like we can’t see infra-red light, sometimes we cannot see aliens. Some do have the ability to raise and lower their frequency (hint, we have this too but have not trained ourselves) so that they can remain seen or unseen. 

Many people are afraid of aliens because of stories that have been spread and the movies that perpetuate them. But, in reality, there are many different types of aliens and personalities just as there are many different species on this planet and personalities among those. 

Yes, some aliens may have “negative” intentions, but that is not the vast majority of them. And, in general, you are going to attract to you the vibratory rate that you project. So, if you don’t want “negative” experiences with entities, don’t think negative thoughts. 

From my experience with the metaphysical world around us, we have the potential to interact with a number of different types of entities and energies if we just allow ourselves to open up to the possibility and learn to change our own vibratory signature. All these different types of entities are really just different vibrations. There is a different vibration and energy frequency that exists between ghosts and spirit guides and all those things that go bump in the night.

Overall, I think it is imperative that we learn to disregard the cultural stereotypes of aliens that have been thrust upon us and instead learn to interpret and discern for ourselves their true nature. 

Many people have wondered if aliens exist. The answer is yes. Our governments have even slowly been releasing information about their potential for years. It is just up to us to open our eyes, raise our frequency, and pay attention. 

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