I’ve written about the power of music over our vibrational state recently, so I thought now would be a great time to look a little more specifically at some songs that can help with certain emotional states. Remember, the vibrations of the music (including the words, emotive state of the musician and the instruments used) can greatly effect our energetic body – either for good or ill.

When you loose someone, be it a person, pet or entity, you can feel a sense of loss that is overwhelming. Having a few go-to songs ready can help your vibrational state and allow you to start the process of healing.

So, what are some of my favorite songs for those going through grief???

Two of Us – Louis Tomlinson

Perhaps my absolute favorite song that provides one of the best descriptions of grief along with a hopeful perspective is Louis Tomlinson’s Two of Us. This song was written after experiencing his own grief, the early passing of his mother, and because of that connection, you can really feel the emotions and passion that exist in this song. There is a sense of relevance and relatedness to the emotions he is describing, but he doesn’t end it there – he also includes some hope and a way of looking at grief that can really heal and help one to move forward in life.

And, if you want an additional Louis song to help in any type of loss, check out his Don’t Let it Break Your Heart, which is perfect for grief of any sort. Well, while you are at it, just go stream his entire album – Walls – every song is great and full of emotion.

Those You’ve Known – Spring Awakening

One of my first real experience with grief came with the loss of one of my favorite cats back when I was in college. I remember driving home and listening to Those You’ve Known from the musical Spring Awakening and finding a lot of comfort and warmth with the words. Specifically the lines “Those you’ve known and lost still walk behind you”.  

Interestingly, as the years have progressed and I’ve lost more and more animals that are special to me, their energies have gathered behind me to form a sort of semi-circle around me – an energetic comfort that comes when I need it and one I use during readings as both a buffer and an energetic assistance. This is defiantly one of those songs that you can belt out and find an energetic release when you need it.

Remember Me – Coco

A song that I’ve found really poignant, and one that is especially good for children learning to deal with grief is Remember Me from the movie Coco. There are several versions of this song on the soundtrack depending on what type of mood you are in, but the gist of the words is all the same. Even though someone is far away and gone, you still remember them. I’ve also found some great acoustic versions of this that people have done on youtube that are very heartfelt if you are looking for something to get the tears flowing. 

So, that is my list!! What songs do you listen to to help you deal with grief? Is there any specific genre or type of music that helps you to process emotions? 

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