So…you’ve probably noticed that there is a virus running around the world right now. If you read my March forecast you know that the vibrations around us right now aren’t that…great. There is some…for lack of a better word – ickyness – in the vibrational energy out there in the world. There is a lot of instability, but this is not something that should come as a shock to anyone. If you follow spirituality or even astrology, this time is clearly set out in the stars. This is not a time to fear – but it is also not a time to remain ignorant. 

My perspective on this situation. I think this is a telling time for us. This event is exposing and will expose how many layers of our society do not work and should not be trusted. This is the result of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which happened at the end of last December (when this virus first started to show up…).

By now, people are starting to realize that the way they live their life may have to change for awhile. They may realize that the information they have been seeing on the news (“don’t worry this is just like the flu”) and from their government doesn’t seem 100% trustworthy. So…what should we do??

First, I recommend looking at the actions and reactions countries and people are taking and the effects they have – not what people say with their words, look at actions. Pay attention. This is a time to educate yourself on actual hardcore facts and what you can do as an average citizen to help. Hint – China didn’t shut down its economy for a “flu virus” and India isn’t banning exportation of major pharmaceuticals for something “mild” either. 

My belief. This is a virus that has the potential to greatly change the world we operate in. This virus will potentially kill a great number of people. This virus will potentially cripple our economic system. This virus is something to be aware of. It has great “potential”…But…you don’t need to fear…fear doesn’t help the vibrations of this situation – but knowledge does.

I want people to be aware that they may see mass shift coming towards the end of March when we will see Mars, Jupiter and Pluto all meeting up in Capricorn. A time of potential explosive energy. A time when the true course of this virus will really be seen. The direction is not set in stone right now, but it will be after March 21/22 – our actions now will determine what happens in the future. 

I don’t want to leave you with all doom and gloom. My guides have been very clear on this.

The image I received from my guides about the purpose behind this virus was that of an individual biting into an apple – a symbol of knowledge. This virus is a learning mechanism for those souls on earth. New information and ways of thinking will come from this.

They also showed me the image of a cloud. The one thing you can do to help yourself and society with this virus is through love. Love yourself. Love others. Send love to those you “hate”. Just love. We are spiritual beings in these yellow chemical-complex bodies. Sometimes we transition out of these complexes and that is okay – our souls are eternal, there is nothing to fear.

And for those who like practical information – here are some resources I have found helpful during this time that I think could benefit some of you. – this website gives some great information about how we as average citizens can help the situation.

Peak Prosperity videos – I have watched these videos released nightly since the end of January. They give a statistical and analytical update on what is happening and look at scientific papers as they are released. 

Bracha Goldsmith videos – for an astrological and spirit channeler perspective, Bracha is a trusted source. She provides great information while acknowledging the fear that exists 

Please let me know if you have any resources or information you find helpful! I have yet to do April’s energy forecast but I am interested to see what the guides have to say about that!

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