In our modern culture, we often feel like we having to be “doing” all the time – we need to accomplish something – put a check mark on a list – have something to show progress. Even when meditating, many see it as accomplishing a task for the day – gotta get those thirty minutes of structured meditation time in each day…

But…what if we just let ourselves “be”. Do nothing – and by nothing – I mean nothing. What if you spent a day not accomplishing anything – just “being”. 

Lately my guides have reminded me time and time again, that I do not need to spend every second of the day with a plan in mind. It is okay to binge watch tv and read multiple books at once. It is okay to spend twenty hours on social media. It is okay to sit on a couch and just…be…

When you are actively not engaged in activity – use the time to look at yourself – are you judging yourself for not “doing”. Is someone around you judging you? Does it matter?

From my experience of just “being” I have found that I am learning an immense amount of information – but not necessarily quantifiable items – more a deeper understanding of what is and what is not. Questioning what is around me helps me to pull back the lid on society and see what is hiding underneath – to understand by observing and being rather than doing.

So…this is your permission to just “be” this week. Don’t do – just be.

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