Well…here goes.  After last month’s forecast and what is going on in the world right now, I am pretty interested to see what the energies of April will bring. So…let’s see…

The first image I am being sent, and have been sent the last 24 hours is that of a pirate. This pirate energy is that of sometimes having to “fend for yourself” – to do what is right for you and those you love. Sometimes there will be difficult decisions to be made – you have it within you to make those decisions. Buckle up and do what you need to do. Tell those people to “walk the plank” that don’t need to be in your life. Be the pirate you always pretended you were.

The next image my guides are sending me is that of dice being rolled and the words “its a roll of the dice”. I am sure a lot of people right now want to know what their lives are going to look like in the future. Are they going to survive this virus, are those they love going to survive? At this point in time, it is truly a roll of the dice. Some will make it, some won’t. That is just how this physical existence is. But it is important for you to keep in mind that this physical existence isn’t everything – it is just a part of a larger whole – you are truly a spiritual being.

The next image my guides are showing me is a red flag waving. Interesting. Well, at first I was not sure what this means, but then I just googled it and red flags are representative of socialism and communism. What is interesting about this virus is that it effects everyone. It doesn’t care if you are rich or poor or your skin tone or your gender identity or what you had for breakfast…well…it does kind of care about your age and comorbidities, but the after effects will impact everyone. And you know how we are really going to get through this??? Socialistic type policies. I’m not one to get too political on here, although I’ve made some of my opinions known but it is interesting that the guides are saying that socialistic type measures are how we make it to the other side of this virus.

I wanted to end this reading by asking for some advice – what can we do this next month – what advice do the guides have for us. The image I am being sent is that of two unicorns standing and a rainbow extending between their hearts. This next month it is up to us to send that love to others – to be the unique unicorn in the world that can be aware and love – to love everyone (and that means everyone) equally and fully.

And, with that, a reminder if anyone wants some loving vibrations send your way, please fill out the contact form on this page and you will be added to my bowl.

May All Beings Be Happy

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