Why is it here?

For many psychics and astrologers this pandemic doesn’t come as a big “shock”. Yes, this is somewhat surprising how it is all unfolding, but, no it is not coming out of nowhere. The astrological outlook and chart of this coming year has been said by some astrologers to look like that of a “plague chart”. Even looking at my yearly reading we saw the ship at sea and turbulent times ahead, echoed again with similar imagery in my March reading – yes, indeed, there are some interesting times ahead. 

So, why is it that this pandemic doesn’t come as a surprise and why is it that we are experiencing now during this time? In general, this point in time we are now experiencing is what I call a “touchpoint” – a fated moment that has potential to change our behavior and what we experience in the world. 

These “touchpoints” are sort of like moments that are fated in time. Yes, we have known that these astrological aspects were going to “hit” at this moment for years – but we didn’t know how they were going to express. The so called level of expression that these touchpoints take are representative of what is needed in the world and society at that time.

What am I talking about here? Touchpoints can be mild if that is all that is needed for change, or they can be severe in order to have a bigger impact. Just look at how 2020 started for us. We went from possibilities of World War 3 to fires burning all of Australia to a global pandemic. Theoretically, the metaphysics of this situation points out that if we had seen mass changes and community behavior distinctions caused by the events prior in the year, the pandemic that we are now experience may have not been so bad – not that it wouldn’t have happened, but the severity could have been changed. 

But – with all these things – we will never truly know. Yes, there are some metaphysicians who can traverse timelines and see how it could or would have gone, but the world at large isn’t ready to have that conversation or take that information as “fact”. 

So, like all those events we have in our daily lives that serve as personal touchpoints to wake us up, this pandemic is serving as a world-wide wake up point. It is up to each and every citizen to choose if they are ready to learn the lessons of this time. To change their behavior and their response to the world around them. You can’t give away your power here – it is yours – you must make your own decisions and contribute to the vibrations of the planet. It is time for us all to learn.

How does it end?

Now that some countries are in the midst of this pandemic and others are gearing up for things to get really bad, many people what to know how and when this whole situation is going to end. When will things get back to “normal”??

Well, let’s first say something here. I, for one, actually hope things don’t get back to “normal” or how they have been. This pandemic is a wake up call for us as a civilization and if we don’t take its warnings and change our behavior, I do not want to know what will happen down the line.

In general, however, what I have been receiving and what I have heard from other psychics all adds to the same thing. We will start to see a shift in this pandemic and things will start to look “better” when we see communities coming together and working to help all and not just some

The “purpose” of this time we are now living in to see expose false structure and to see those foundations that were built on lies and deceit get torn down so they can be built anew (Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn). We need to see a system-wide change across governments and civilizations that take unity and oneness into their consciousness instead of greed and fear.

I am really hoping that this pandemic will result in these system-wide changes, otherwise we may be in for more interesting times ahead. 

But…to summarize…if you are looking for clues on when things will start to “get better” look at the actions of people and organizations that look to help and assist all people. And be aware, this may take a long time for people’s actions to shift and have an energetic effect. 

I’m not going to put a date on this time table because things are always fluid based on actions of individuals – the future is always uncertain to some extent. But I will say it is going to be longer than a few weeks, there are some deep structural changes that need to take place and it takes time for people to cognitively flip their mindset and then behaviors. 

Astrologically, there is also a repeated “hit” in Capricorn that comes in November, so, personally, I’m hoping to see some worldwide consciousness shifts before then so that “touchpoint” will be mild.

How you can help?

Okay – now let’s get practical. All this information can be scary. Likely you may be stuck at home (unless you are in an essential business – then I thank you for your service) with not too much to do. What steps can you take now to help end this pandemic??

As I’ve said, we will see an end to this pandemic when we start to see people acting as a community and working to help all instead of just certain types of people. Think about your skill set, what can you provide that helps the world we are now living in and the people in your community? 

A very simple way you can help is to send out love to yourself and the world. You can share information and participate in online activities whose goal is to share kindness and create a sense of unity in this time of isolation. 

You can see it in the form of musicians putting on livestream concerts to help ease tensions and fear (but even then you have to sort out the energetics as some are starting to be more “corporate” than giving – you’ll know/feel the difference between these) or individuals checking up (via phone or internet) on friends and relatives. 

Personally, I am offering Loving Vibrations to anyone that needs them during this time. Just hop on over to this page and I’ll add you to my bowl for a daily dose of distance Love Vibes. 

What can you do to contribute to the raising of consciousness for the planet during this time? 

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