I hear all the time about how people don’t believe in psychics or intuition – that this is something rare or even “magical thinking”. But…the truth – everyone is psychic even if they don’t believe it. 

I think one of the main issues with realizing your own potential is that we are not trained to know what intuition looks like. Instead, media and the cinema show outlandish examples of psychic ability – people who can see ghosts (yes, this exists but is not common) or seeing a clear vision of the future with their physical eyes before it happens (usually the future is malleable because timelines can change). 

Instead, real intuition is much more subtle and happens in mundane, easy to forget or discount ways. That “gut hunch” you have to do something or not do something. The tingling sensation when you are making a life changing decision. That song that gets stuck in your head with lyrics that are perfect for you right in that moment.

Those are more realistic examples of what psychic insight and intuition looks like. Yes, you can train your psychic abilities to “see” and “hear” more clearly and consistently – but even if you don’t try you likely have some ability.

So, one reason I am writing this blog post now is because I had a clear example of me using my intuition and not realizing why. That is another characteristic common in intuition – sometimes you don’t realize why you are doing something but it turns out being for the best.

For me, this came in the fact that I stopped wearing my contact lenses about three weeks ago. For some background – I am an avid contact lens wearer. I first got glasses when I was five, started wearing contact lenses probably around 12 and loved the amount of my world that suddenly came to light. I’ve got really bad eyesight – like, without glasses I can only see five inches in front of my face – that big E on the eye chart, I cannot see that even with squinting. 

What people with eyesight as bad as me know is that contact lenses are amazing because it allows you to see everything around you instead of just what is covered by the lenses of glasses.

So, why did I suddenly start wearing my glasses constantly – something I hadn’t done since prior to getting contacts as a pre-teen?? I had NO clue. It just seemed like what I should do so I did it.

Now why do I think this has anything to do with psychic ability and intuition?? Well, check out this article: Do You Wear Contact Lenses – basically this article explains why you shouldn’t be wearing contact lenses right now and should switch back to your glasses because of coronavirus concerns. 

Suddenly my desire to wear my glasses made sense. This little quirk of a habit that I started didn’t seem to have anything to do with my psychic senses or intuition – but it very likely was just that. 

How many times do you think you receive psychic insight and don’t even realize it??

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