Yep, I’m going to say it. Now is a time to send some Love Vibrations to ALL the leaders of the world – not just the one’s who we believe are doing a “good” job.  You know who I mean…I’m sure you know who I mean…but I’m going to be a little more explicit about it here.

I’ve mentioned in the past my perspective on Trump – and I’m just going to use this blog post as a public service announcement that we all need to get our act together and start sending him some loving vibrations (this includes me – I’m calling myself out here too) – stop with the hate, that is just lowering his vibes, what we need now is to raise his vibrations…

Remember, basic metaphysics tells us that your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. Change that inner reality to one of peace and harmony – of love and light – and it will encourage your outer reality to change as well. This may be very difficult for some of us right now, but it is an opportunity for us to try.

And unity is what we NEED right now. In this time of confusion and uncertainty – we need to unite and form a bond of love. And you know what, that isn’t going to happen if you are sending out hate to the one in charge of everything.

So, no, I do not agree with the statements Trump is making or the way he is conducting press briefings. But…that is just all the more reason to send him love. Perhaps if we can raise his vibrations we can assist this country and world in an effort of healing.

And yes, I have added his name to my Love Vibrations bowl in my effort to help raise the consciousness of humanity. And yes, if you send me your name I will add yours as well.

This is my call out to all lightworkers – starseeds – entities of love and light – send LOVE to our government leaders – we all need it right now. 


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