How are my empaths all feeling these days?? Not good? Feeling too many feels?? I’m right there with you.

The world right now is going through a crazy time – and that is an understatement. We knew this year was going to be interesting (aka just look at the astrology and the yearly forecast), but those emotions are running high throughout the entire planet.

With emotions all over on overdrive, empaths are likely feeling more than just the normal vibes coming their way – you are feeling all your own feels plus those of the individuals you are quarantining with along with those of the entire planet.

What got me thinking about this topic, other than my own recognition that my “aura showers” have increased, is a discussion I had with my sister (hey sis, saw you just started following my blog !!). For her, she said she is having trouble falling asleep and has anxiety but didn’t know why, mentioning that it could be subconscious. Nope, I told, you are feeling the feels of an empath.

My sister is what I like to call a reluctant psychic. She has experienced psychic insights throughout her life but it scares her so she pushes it away and tries to close off her abilities. But it is difficult to censor empathic feelings, especially in the times we are in.

So, for the empath out there, what does this mean???

Empaths take on the emotions of other individuals and filter the energy of the world through their emotional system – meaning they feel what other people are feeling even if their brain doesn’t logically feel that way.

You are likely experiencing some anxiety even if you don’t know why. I myself have had a few nights where I wake up at two or three and can’t get back to sleep. I haven’t done this since I was in law school and experienced my own true anxiety, so this was a little bit of a surprise for me.

You may also feel extra emotional during this time – crying out of no where or with a slight trigger. Remember, when this happens, don’t try to actively stop the crying. Crying is a great way to get that energy out of your system – so don’t stifle it!

You may experience a tightness in your chest and a shortness of breath – that feeling that you can’t seem to catch your breath and your heart is beating too fast. Breath through this – do some yogic breath work, it will pass (unless it doesn’t, in that case seek medical help – remember I’m just a psychic not a doctor).

One thing I have noticed is that my chakras are basically f*cked right now. I typically keep my chakras healthy and all open with maybe a slightly closed root chakra and my heart chakra tends to close down when my in laws are in town (that is a story for another day), but lately, my chakras look a mess – like a literal disaster zone. And you know what, that is okay. I’m not going to judge myself or my chakra system for not being perfect. These energy vibes out there are intense so we all have to find our own ways to cope with them.

For me, I’m running my energy through my system as I normally do. I’ve developed some auric blocks to protect my aura and I’ve noticed a few of my clients have done this for themselves as well. My advice is to leave these blocks and not try to move them – they could be strategic for empaths during this time. 

Overall, I think my main piece of advice for empaths right now (and everyone in general) is not to push yourself too much. I wrote a blog posts about “just being” right when sh*t was starting to hit the fan. But, back then (like a few weeks ago), my blog posts were written weeks in advance (hint – they aren’t anymore, I’m too busy for that now), so this post fell at just the right moment by “chance”. But, it is what I think we all need to really remember during this time. 

Anything you do – or what you consider doing “nothing” – is perfectly fine. I’ve found that some of the greatest spiritual lessons can come from just watching silly videos on youtube or binge watching tv shows. You do not need to try to “do” anything to “learn” or “improve” yourself during this time. In fact, pushing yourself may be more detrimental to your energetic system right now. Just be my dudes, dudettes and duds. 

Okay – so that is my message for this week. Empaths – you may be feeling some feels and that is okay. Just be in the moment. Do what you want. Do what you love. 


  1. Thank you for your post. I am all the time so busy, I don’t have time to think about it. It has not changed my life a bit. Mainly because I am always home, as usual, 😉 🏠 I go out if it is mandatory. I don’t feel any stress about it. But of course, it is always on my mind, when I read newspapers, and how the situation is in other countries 😟 Otherwise I try to avoid thinking about it. It is just stressing more.🌺 🌺 🌺 But I understand your point also. Have a day without stress 👍

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  2. Thank you for those links (for donating) I do not be on Facebook nowadays, so I don’t know what is happening there 😌 Thank you, I checked those links 👍 You are really doing awesome job, giving info about the serious matter 😷 ❤️ Stay healthy, and let’s wish they stay there in Japan also ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


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