Ethics is something I tended to gloss over into past as it related to psychic readings. Yes, it is clear that you should not go up to random strangers and tell them you have a message from their long dead grandma (yes, I’m looking at you reality tv shows) and you probably shouldn’t tell someone that the future is set in stone and there is nothing they can do to change it – but, as I’ve progressed farther and farther into my psychic abilities, I’ve noticed that there are some “grey” areas I was not anticipating.

I ran into this a little when I was working on mediumship and deciding if I wanted to go down that route (hint – the answer is no). I found that, ethically, my emotional intelligence just is not on par with being able to assist people through their grief process. Yes, I can connect with your loved one and give you a message from them – but no, I do not want to do it because I will likely not be able to adequately handle your emotions. Emotions are a HUGE part of mediumship readings, and I just would prefer not to…encounter them…

Lately, I’ve seen my psychic skills take a different turn. In the past I’ve told people who are nervous about getting readings in case “negative” things come up – oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to predict your death or anything. But…now that we are in a pandemic…I’ve started to see end points for some people. I’ve started to see some likelihood of them not making it through this in this physical body.

Now, ethically, what do yo do with this information? You’ve got several choices:

1) you tell the person outright what you saw 

2) you suggest habit changes or tell them to be extra cautious

3) you just don’t mention it.

Over the last few weeks I have taken all of these approaches. How they work out, I won’t know for some months to come. Ethically though, it is a hard decision to make.

How do you know when it is your place to say something and perhaps warn a person and when is it better to just keep your mouth shut and let them find out on their own? When is revealing the information you have more harmful than keeping them in the dark?

And this does not just have to do with death – although that is a major one. I’ve come across clients whose heteronormative culture predisposes them to not consider the possibility that they are likely not exactly straight. But that is, again, not something you can outright just say – or do you and save that individual years of confusion? Sometimes the process of finding out is part of the journey though – right??

There are a lot of ethical considerations that come with being a psychic. Some you can think have answers but many are so case specific that there is no one answer for all situations.

Well, I guess this entire blog post has ended up being me just waxing poetically about the different ethical dilemmas psychics can find themselves in. Most people would likely say you should think about this situations ahead of time so you will know how to respond during them. But…really…when you get to this level of development when you see things this big and significant – you will likely “know” or be “told” what to do with the information. 

Have you ever encountered an ethically dilemma during a reading? How did you go about responding to it?

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  1. In my readings (the few I’ve done) I tend to tell people everything, because I figure they’re there to get the information, therefore they’re open to it to at least some degree.

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