Okay…May…here we go…do I even want to look…

The first image I am receiving is that of a gun going off at the starting line of a race. The runner that is featured in this image is wearing red and white horizontal stripes. I think the symbolism in this image is pretty apparent and goes along with what is happening in the world right now. The US, with their red and white stripped flag, will be “off to the races” and “opening back up for business” this month. That seems to be the main feature of the month, especially towards the first half. The dialogue shifts from containment and towards opening (but you likely didn’t need a psychic to tell you that).

The next image I receive is of a man in a row boat by himself out at sea. This is the image depicting that you are all you can depend on – “you are on your own”. Well, that fits, again, with what is going on. With the world economies opening back up for business each one of us is truly on our own in terms of how to think of, interact, and protect ourselves in this situation. Are you going to be one of the ones wearing a face mask everywhere, keeping your distance, and only leaving your house when necessary or our you going to invite your friends over for a barbecue. The choice is literally going to be yours and in your hands. You are steering your own vessel now – where are you going to go??

The next image I received is of a set of mala beads. An individual is going through each bead slowly and saying a prayer or mantra. May is a wonderful month to steady yourself and your emotions. Focus on your breath and what prayers you want to manifest in the world. Thoughts/words/emotions they are vehicles of creation. What are you creating?

I asked for one last image for us this month. My guides sent me a view of an individual shooting a basketball and it going into a hoop. What you manifest grows this month. The effort you put in to learning a task will either manifest with a basket or totally miss the mark. No one is going to be able to shoot that ball for you – it is your effort that will bring about results.

Well, there you have it my internet peeps. It looks like a very individualistic month we are going to have. Your efforts, your thoughts, your actions will bring about the course for your future. The oars are in your hands – where are you going to take yourself?  

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