As everyone and their elderly mother know (no mother, I’m not calling you out as old), we are in the middle of an apocalypse…pandemic…I mean pandemic, definitely not an apocalypse… What is interesting about this…pandemic…is that it is showing us just how divided we really are as a world, as a country.  

If you’ve read my previous blog posts about Covid you know that in order to get past this we need unity. Unity is the key that will unlock our future. But unity is not what we are seeing now is it??

This is even more apparent in the United States. The US has been split along party lines for awhile, but it hasn’t always been like this. Can you believe there was a time when the two party system crossed lines and agreed with each other?? They even at times compromised?? I know, shocking isn’t it!

But now what we see is a portion of the population deciding that it is a great idea to protest during pandemic (you can tell these people have not watched the movie Contagion – can Netflix put that on so we can help these people understand what a coronavirus is all about). If you know anything about epidemiology or even just have a common shred of intelligence, you know this isn’t a great idea. I mean, I understand they want the economy open, but going about it by being in a crowded environment is counterproductive. It is just going to lead to the economy being shut for even longer as the number of infected patients has the opportunity to skyrocket again.  

Instead, what you need is balance. You need both sides to come together and do a sort of “compromise” – you might say there needs to be some unity out there. 

Yes the economy needs to reopen, but the pandemic also needs to be under control. But…get this…you can have both at the same time… I know, shocking isn’t it!! You will find non-politicized individuals touting the idea of first getting the pandemic under control by staying at home then implementing measures to stop the spread. This means making it socially acceptable for everyone to wear a mask. This means limiting the amount of people you come in contact with. This means taking responsibility for yourself and your actions towards others. 

Unity is the path to our future, but to get to unity we have to relearn the art of listening to other people’s opinions and learning to compromise (this will actually solve a lot of issues…). Yes the people in the US look…unhinged (is that the correct word??)…protesting during a pandemic. But, in the same vein their viewpoint should be taken into consideration. The economies of all these countries can reopen, but those protestors also need to learn how to compromise and wear masks and practice social distances. 

We all need to come together in UNITY.

Thank you for coming to my rant. I hope you have a nice day. And if you need a little extra Love Vibration, make sure to hit that link and let me know


  1. I very much agree with this article. One thing I want to add is that health IS wealth. Dead people don’t contribute to the economy, nor to I’ll people. So the economy is not a separate issue to balance wit health. The economy is driven by health, and anyone who wants to make money needs to first be alive to spend it. The view of health Vs wealth is absurdly skewed by those in power. I want them to realise these are one single issue.
    Great blog!

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