Something interesting that has come about in these uncertain times is the prevalence of music, specifically live music, being streamed over various mediums to houses around the globe. It seems musicians are getting antsy or just realizing the great effect that music has over people – either case, there is a good reason behind all these livestreams that have been popping up.

Music, like everything out there and everywhere, vibrates at different frequencies. Some music vibrates higher (for example classical) while other vibrates lower (sorry death metal fans), but, in general music and especially pop music vibrates at about the mid-level range. 

What this means is that during times when you are stressed or particularly fearful, listening to the radio or your favorite Spotify station can help elevate your vibration. Those funky or distinctive tunes can actually bring your vibration up the more you listen to them.

Now, not all music is made the same and there are certain artists whose composition do vibrate at a higher rate. If you find yourself in an already high vibe state it may not be as wise to spend your day listening non-stop to pop music as this may actually drag your vibrations down a bit, but there is no harm in the occasional listen. 

To figure out whether the music you are listening to is actually helping your vibes, pay close attention to how you feel after listening to a song or two. Do you feel elevated and energized? Then the music is likely at a higher vibration than your current state and is lifting you up. Do you feel depressed and like you need to take a nap? Then the music may be at a lower vibe and you may need to limit your listens. 

Music and musical taste are subjective, but that is also because we all vibrate at different frequencies and what feels good to us may not feel good to someone else. Personally, I’m a big fan of music but I prefer music that has a higher vibrational nature and I have to limit the amount of traditional pop music I listen to, especially if I have a day full of readings. 

One aspect of music that really effects my vibration is the lyrical content. Since I am a writer words are highly attuned to my vibe and having good lyrical quality makes a big difference on whether a song resonates with my vibrations or throws them off. This may not be the same for you – you may be more of a melody’s person who needs certain chord combinations to raise your vibe.

As a psychic I also have the added ingredient of sometimes seeing flashes of what the songs were written about or scenes of the writing process. This will turn me off certain songs or give them another layer of understanding that I can vibe with.

So, as you can tell by some of my recent blog posts, I have been using the vibrational power of music to assist my vibes through these uncertain and somewhat energetic chaotic times we are living through. I purchased a new record player before all the lockdowns occurred and have been going through parts of my father’s record collection (hello father dearest!) as well as adding a few of my own along the way (just got Orville Peck’s LP in the mail yesterday). This is just one way that I enjoy influencing my vibrations, and as an added bonus my daughter asks to listen to a record each day so it has become a bonding experience as well. 

Next time you hit play on Spotify or spin your favorite vinyl, pay attention to what the vibrations of the music do for you and to you. Is there a specific singer you keep going back to at a certain point in your life? Maybe that vibration is what you needed at that time.

Let me know in the comments your fav singer/band and who I should check out! I’m always looking for new additions to my Spotify lists or new records to add to my collection!


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