There is this story in the alien community (yeah, just pretend I didn’t say that) about how a group of friendly aliens gave technology to the Americans but during the process the Americans were double crossing the aliens and discussing ways to deceive and not fulfill their end of the deal. Basically the aliens said the technology could only be used for friendly and non-harmful means and the Americans were planning on using it in wars.

So, just discount all the alien stuff if you aren’t a believer, don’t let that get in the way, of this story. Where it gets interesting is that the aliens knew this all along. They knew the Americans were being deceptive because they are telepathic and could read their minds. The question then becomes, if the aliens knew the Americans were lying to them, why did they still go through with the deal.

There are several aspects to answer this – that the aliens wanted to give the Americans time to change their mind since the future is never fully set in stone – that the aliens still wanted the world to have that technology – that the aliens were just playing their role and they knew they were meant to give this opportunity to the Americans, even if they were going to be taken advantage of.

I never really understood the last point there – that the aliens just gave away this technology even though they were being lied to – but I’ve started to understand this more and more. There comes a time in your spirituality where you really start to see the part you play. It isn’t always the part you want to play, but sometimes the part you are meant to play. Sometimes you are meant to be taken advantage of – and really that is fine – that is the part you are meant to play at that time.

I am in no way saying that it is okay to take advantage of people, but just that sometimes that is a role and there is a purpose for that role. When you are psychic it becomes easier to read the motives behind other individuals, whether for good or ill, and seeing where you are meant to be and what opportunities that position gives others can be a difficult role to play, but sometimes a necessary one.

Can you look back on your life and see all the rolls you have played? Can you make any connections to other outcomes – even those that are unexpected? Can you see the multiple threads of connection between two seemingly unrelated instances? 

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