Okay…who is ready for next months forecast…I feel like I’m a little nervous peering into the future for this one, let’s see what we find.

The first image that is coming through is that of a fishing bobber floating on top of the surface of what looks to be a lake. Fishing is a common imagery my guides use, casting a fishing line is equivalent to putting your idea out there, sitting with a fishing pole is waiting for the right energetic opportunity, but here we have the image focused just on the bobber. For those of you unfamiliar with fishing a bobber is used to tell you where your fishing line is, when a fish bites your bait the bobber will bounce up and down (I’m guessing that is where the name came from) – so this imagery is telling us that in June we are going to start to see external signs of exactly where the fish are biting – where things are happening under the surface. 

How I interpret this imagery in our current landscape is that in June we are going to start to see some external and potentially unrelated effects of what is actually a below the surface problem. This could be minor instances of virus spreads popping up that really just speak to a larger issue of community spread which is not being cared for (aka just because you can leave your house and socialize with other people it doesn’t mean that is a wise idea). This could also be speaking of our economic climate as small signs here and there actually speak to a larger picture unfolding underneath. We won’t necessarily see “what is underneath” this month, we aren’t going to catch the fish, but if we pay attention we will see the outer signs of what is to come. 

The next image my guides are showing me is that of a bird’s nest with two eggs in it and two birds sitting on the edges looking in at the eggs. Now is the time to watch over any projects or ideas that you have started or created. They may not “hatch” right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tend to them and care for them. Sometimes these “eggs” may even seem unusual or out of the normal, but go with it and see where it takes you.

I have been receiving a lot of information lately on the idea of individuals doing something “different” or “out of their wheelhouse” – the idea that something that interests you or you have a minor fascination with can actually lead you down a pretty cool path if you let it. This is the month to really examine all those side interests or hobbies you have been thinking about. Don’t judge yourself for your interests instead give yourself the leeway to explore them. 

The final image my guides are sending me is a of a “steam engine” boat blowing its horn during the day and the words “full speed ahead”….not going to lie…this feels like we are on the titanic and we are going towards that iceberg. Our course has been set, some of us can see the iceberg coming but some of us just continue dancing and don’t want to trouble ourselves with what is ahead. This is a similar situation we are in. It is the upper class that are going to get in those lifeboats whether we like it or not. It is the wealthy that are going to escape relatively unscathed. This is the course we are currently headed on, this is the path that has been set. I know…a little grim…

And because I like to double check with what my guides give me (aka how I as a psychic see the internet as a great tool) – I looked up if the titanic actually had “steam engines” because that sounds pretty specific and it looks like from my very brief google search the titanic did use steam engines – so, yeah…looks like that titanic analogy is what they were going for there…

Well, there you have it, your June 2020 energy forecast. This seems like it is going to be a “waiting” month, where big things don’t necessarily happen but the little things that are going to lead up to others do. We may see some signs of what is below the surface and where in our lives these “big things” will take place. Good luck and GodSpeed (of course the guides are going to make a joke to end this – apparently there is a song called godspeed in a titanic musical, thanks guides). 

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