So, I didn’t really know what to write for today. I mean, what can a psychic say about the times we are in? They are a crazy shit show – but you can see that by turning on the news or opening any social media app. You don’t need my help on seeing that. 

I’ve been ruminating all week about the energy forecast that the guides gave us for June – particularly the imagery of the “bobber” and the “iceberg”. Both these images speak of only seeing what is on the surface and not what is actually hiding underneath. There is more to this story than is being seen or written right now. We have not seen the end of what is to come only the aftereffects of what is boiling to the surface. 

That image of the iceberg has come back to me in different forms several times this week and for me, coincidences like that are not coincidences – they are signs. What we are seeing now in our world, and particularly in America, are just representations of the “tip of the iceberg” – we are not seeing what is truly laying beneath the surface. 

And what is beneath is a lot – is monumental – is enough to take down the titanic. 

What also has me a little anxious peering into the future is some aspects to that Pluto-Saturn conjunction that happened in January and has made itself known over the last six months and will pop back into the picture come September, this time with Mars joining the game. Mars is a fiery fellow and he is likely to flame the fuels of whatever is already in the process. 

What we are seeing each month is an escalation of the prior months energy and a ramping up of our karmic energies. The universe is saying, okay, you aren’t going to take seriously the threat of WWIII in January, let’s give Australia fires in February, oh, how about we make a worldwide virus, sure then you guys will surely play nice with each other – oh, a virus seems to be a seed of divineness lets bring to the surface hundreds of years of systematic oppression for you to deal with. 

We aren’t dealing with one correctly so the universe is just making it harder on us – giving us the lesson again in a different, stronger formula to help us wake up and act responsibly. This is basic metaphysics 101 just on a larger scale and in a faster sequence of events. But…to be honest…I don’t even know why each of these events seem to come about at the change of a calendar month – that is an interesting occurrence. 

So, what everyone wants to know is how we heal this and stop this continued acceleration of “bad” things happening. And the answer is the same as what I have been told previously about the prior occurrences – unity.

And this does not mean one side has to admit the other is right and the other one is “defeated” – instead what we are looking for is compromise and a time to work together to create real change for us as humanity. We as a species have been working towards this idea of oneness and that we are actually all sparks of divinity in our own right – but the roadblocks that have been artificially placed in front of this idea need to be taken down before we can move forward – and that is what we are seeing here, the roadblock of division coming up for us to acknowledge and amend. 

I have been asked when things will “get better” and what is going to happen with the US elections in November. And really, right now with the path we have laid for ourselves – no one wants to hear the answer. The things that need to be worked out for everything to feel comfortable are still below the surface – we are only seeing the tip of that iceberg. 

For me, on a human level, I see the systematic and conscious manipulation of our stock market to create greater gaps in inequality based on non-productive means to be the worse offense out there. Money is not just capital – it is energy – and it is not being exchanged in a fair and equitable manner. Energy out should equal energy in – and that is not what is happening right now and has not been happening for the last few decades. The financialization of the stock market in the 70s is much larger and has caused more economic and societal harm than any distribution of wealth to the underprivileged of society. I believe this is a large part of what is underneath the surface of that iceberg – and I’m sure there is more that my human mind cannot comprehend at this time. 

So, let’s end this little rant with something that is tangible that you can do now. Work on making yourself a higher vibration – of seeing that vibration in all around you – lift yourself up and you lift others. Make sure you are doing your part to remove the roadblocks to oneness that exist in our society, whatever form “your part” may take. 

*** My Love Vibration offering is still in effect and will be for the foreseeable future. If you click on the Love Vibration tab, just fill out the form with an identifying name and I will send daily love vibrations to you ***

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