I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the need for some spiritual guidance in times like this. I’ve got a pretty good relationship with my guides and talk to them frequently, but even I have doubts about the world we are living in and the changes we are seeing sometimes. 

This week it just felt right to ask for a spirit guide to come forward and give us a message like we used to get every Monday. You may have noticed I stopped posting those. That is what my guides told me to do at that time and I honored those wishes. Sometimes it is best to be “human” and experience “that which is humanity” up close and personal without depending on guidance from beyond.

But, today they said we could bring back some guidance. This may become a regular monthly thing instead of weekly, I’ll just wait and see what they say. And for a little self promotion before we start, if you would like a personal message from your guides I’ve got a reading available on my Etsy store for that or if you would like to get to know your guides better I have a reading for that as well.

Now, let’s get started – what guide will come forward for us today.

Ah, an old friend is coming forward!!! Gandalf a guide we have met previously. Well, that is exciting. We are looking out over an open valley from a hilltop above next to our friend Gandalf. I ask what message he has for us today.

“The clearer the view the better the seats. Life is meant to be lived and not contradicted. What you are seeing now is a reckoning of sorts, a time of restructuring and re-congregation. It may not take – at least not at first. Change is a strange bedfellow that is both welcomed and feared. What we want may scare us more than what we already have and some may not be ready to step into the possibility of the unknown.

Be with the change and welcome it. Let uncertainty be your guide. Let patience envelop you like a tulip. There will be a time of uncertainty and triumph – but the forces of this universe have not settled the score. The paper is still in front and the game is still afoot. Don’t let yourself be a pawn in another player’s game. Embrace the life you live in every quality. 

Think for yourself – be yourself.”

Well…that is an interesting message with lots of subtext to it. I feel like I could spend some time just analyzing everything that is said there line by line. I was particularly interesting in the word “re-congregation” – a group of people coming together – a reforming and coming together – what an interesting word choice there. 

I also feel like the lines about “change” are calling out some people. You see a lot of people stepping up to the movement (my guides have said to call BLM “the movement” – I don’t know why) but doing so as “virtue signaling” (I learned that word from my husband) and not because they actually believe or are ready to go through the growing change that is actually necessary for the movement to succeed. Take a good hard look at yourself and see if you go along with the movement because you actually are ready to see change that will result in more equality or if you just don’t want to be perceived as a racist by your neighbors or friends on social media. Gandalf is calling you guys out.

Then there is the part about uncertainty and patience. Those are two qualities that are difficult to come by in our modern age. With the advent of the internet we get answers that seem “certain” at a quick speed. You can just google anything and come up with an answer whereas in the past it would take you time to research and find out information. Can we as a society re-embrace that feeling of “not knowing” – of being okay with not having the correct answer in less than a minute? Because really…what is the correct answer to life?

And I especially like the quote “don’t let yourself be a pawn in another player’s game.” Now that is powerful. How many of us just go on with our life and let other people make decisions for us without thinking them through ourselves? Very true there. Instead we need to “think for yourself – be yourself”. 

Thank you Gandalf for that powerful message. I am going to spend some time thinking about it and I hope you do too.

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