I’ve been a professional psychic for a bit know, but before getting into this profession, I never would have guessed one side effect – the amount of knowledge and information that I would learn from doing readings. It is just not something I ever thought would happen but I am very grateful it has.

I mainly do readings by connecting to individual’s energy or guides. But really, my favorite type of readings are when I interact with guides. This is when I tend to learn the most. Guide energy is so unique and they bring forward different perspectives that I would never even have thought of.

This is just one reason I prefer Spirit Guide readings over to traditional mediumship readings – spirit guides just know more than deceased loved ones. They are generally much higher evolved entities and their wisdom is immense. Plus, they can be quite hilarious at times. 

This is also a reason that I, as a psychic, love the internet. Without the internet I would be second guessing and misconstruing a lot of information that guides send through. Information and historical events that I never knew or imagined I would learn about come through because of guides.

Now the information I tend to learn from guides can be two-fold. Some of it is intense spiritual and metaphysical information – things you would imagine learning from guides. Things about how energy works and can be manipulated – what this lifetime is really supposed to be used for – that sort of deep metaphysical information.

But I’ve also learned a lot about history and even popular culture through guides. When I do spirit guide readings, the entities I connect with tend to present in a human form (but not always) and sometimes this takes a form from a lifetime they have lived previously or a message they would like to convey. From this I have learned about different armor worn throughout the centuries (protector guides like to appear this way) as well as different cultures that have existed. For example, I now know more about the Mongolian invasions of Europe – a subject I was not familiar with prior to interacting with spirits. 

So, while learning is important in its own right, don’t discount the amount of information you can learn from “outside sources” such as guides and entities. Book knowledge isn’t always what we require in life – sometimes the knowledge and information from a guide is what is really important. 

You too can learn more from your guides by connecting with them and asking them to show you some new information or piece of history that you were not aware of. Simply find some time to quiet your mind. Focus on your breath for a few minutes and let yourself go inside to your center, your core. Then bring your energy up, out the top of your head and to the ethers. Ask your guides to come near. While in this space notice any bodily sensations you are feeling, as this could be your cue that they are around. This is a space you can use to connect to your guides and ask them whatever questions you have. Afterwards, thank them for their assistance.

Even if you don’t feel like you “receive” anything from this contact, just release the assumption and let yourself be open to contact in some form. You may be surprised later on when you are lead to a certain book or webpage that lets you explore a subject you had been interested in. Trust your guides and what they show you. Love them with an open heart as they love you. 

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