I was wondering what type of blog post to do this week when a friendly spirit can forward and reminded me that this would be a great week for another Meet the Spirit type post, so here we go. I did ask the spirit to patiently wait until I actually had time (and silence) to sit at my keyboard and write and they agreed. 

So, here we go – a message from a spirit.

The spirit coming forward is presenting in what I would call a stereotypical white-washed version of God with long grey hair and a beard, a tan robe-type outfit with a brown belt. Behind him the sky seems cloudy and like he is coming out of the clouds with a halo of sunlight shining behind him.

I ask him what we can call him today and he says Joseph (side note, I think I actually met this spirit earlier this week during a reading and now he is presenting a little differently and providing a message for us all).

We find ourselves on a basketball court facing this entity seeming to pop out from the sky. I focus in on Joseph and he passes a basketball to me which I catch. He says “the ball is in your court now”. 

I ask him if there is more to his message that he would like to pass on to the readers. He says “We have come to a time in our society which personal responsibility equates to a humanitarian worldview. By helping one we help all. By loving one we love all. By serving one we serve all.”

Well, that is a great message and is very in line with what this guide passed along earlier this week to a client and something I have been thinking about since then. What he is talking about is inter-relation of the separateness of the individual along with the aspect that we are all one and connected to each other. We come to earth to experience life as a distinct entity with individual preferences and thoughts, but that does not mean we are still not a part of the collective, a part of the whole of the fabric that makes up humanity and the collective consciousness.

I can’t help but think of his statements in terms of what is going on in the world right now and the seemingly incomprehensible debate in the United States about whether to wear a piece of fabric over your face to protect yourself and others. 

I have found myself becoming more and more judgey these last few months over people’s actions and decisions, maybe you have too. As a spiritual person we are told not to judge other people and to see what they are doing in their shoes and from their perspective. Most of the time I can do this. I can send love to people who say the most vile things because I understand that they have a hurt inside themselves and are reflecting their inner reality out on others. 

But…for some reason with this current situation…by inner mean girl takes over and I become very judgey. Like…just wear a mask, it isn’t that difficult, right? And even if you are a sociopath, don’t you read social cues and want to blend in to society – when something is deemed to help others don’t you do it so you don’t look like an asshole? See – judgey mcjudgerson right there!

Getting back to Joseph’s message, I think that one reason I feel so judgey is because by making these personal decisions, even though they may feel very personal, it really affects all of humanity. It really affects the likelihood of our earth’s spiritual advancements, every single one of us has the power to create a bigger effect because we are all connected. 

Joseph’s imagery of the “ball being in our court” is also very symbolic of the time we are living in right now. It is up to each and every one of us to take personal responsibility not only for ourselves but for humanity as a whole. This can apply to mundane things such as wearing a mask but also can apply to spiritual matters such as raising our vibrations and attuning to a higher level. 

Recently my spirit guide has been whisper in my ear every morning “when we raise one we raise all” – and I think that goes along perfectly with today’s message. It is up to each and every one of us to take personal responsibility right now. We cannot play the victim role – the ball is in our court and it is up to us to decide what to do with it. So what if our governments have failed us. So what if our friends have turned out to disappoint us. Each one of us can make a difference not only for ourselves but for the collective as a whole.

I recently watched the movie Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (highly recommend) – and the premise of the movie is about communicating with extraterrestrial entities and how we do this through consciousness. But it also makes a great point about how our governments are not on the side of humanity in this matter. They are hiding advancements that could help millions of people in our society (we really should have a perpetual motion machine powering our cities by now – this is an advancements that many humans have made but the government has refused to patent) and are more concerned with financial gain rather than humanitarian progress. 

However, the main contributor to the project, Dr. Steven Greer, makes the point that you can contact these entities yourself and people have been doing this for centuries. There is no reason you have to wait for the government to make contact and you really shouldn’t because they have proven to not be on the side of humanity in this process. But, he finds that if just 1% of the population can make this shift in consciousness it can greatly affect all of humanity.

So – what is my point here? You have the power – the ball is in your court – it is up to you to decide how to impact humanity. 

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