Okay, so I thought we would have a little fun right now using American politics as our example. Enjoy life even in all its craziness – right! 

I’m going to use Trump as my example for this because of his prominence in our world right now and also because he is just such a great and clear example of some basic metaphysical principles.

We are going to focus on the idea that the world is your mirror. In metaphysics, what you are experiencing in the world around you is merely a projection of your internal reality made manifest externally. What you are seeing and experiencing is meant to help you deal with (and forgive) your internal nature. You are seeing all the “ugly” stuff that is inside you, all the guilt and sin that you think you have, made manifest and shown to you externally. 

There are different thoughts on “why” you experience reality this way. Go with what you believe in your system of thought. For me this is the belief that we are being shown our internal unconscious guilt so that we can forgive it and thus forgive ourselves. (basic A Course in Miracles stuff there).

Anyway, let’s look at the character in our collective and personal drama which is Trump. In my belief system (take it if you want it, and all that, you don’t have to believe what I believe), Trump is the individual who was destined to be president during this time (dude’s got the star Regulus on his ascendant). One reason for this is that he is a great and clear example for us to see our collective drama being played out. Basically, if you are paying attention everything is pretty blatant and obvious.

You can choose to be caught up in the drama and rage against the machine which is reflected in this man, or you can learn to forgive yourself and the illusion that is him in the process. But, you do you, and all that – you don’t have to follow my metaphysical and spiritual insights.

So, getting back to Trump. He has been doing and is in the process of doing something very interesting things this week. He is pointing out that Dr. Fauci (the main medical dude in the US for my non-US peeps) has been incorrect in his recommendations and depictions of this virus. Now I am not one to believe that everything the good Dr. says is correct or right (tip – follow the money, he isn’t without “blame” here) but I do see what Trump is doing (and actually does a lot) as a great example of basic metaphysics.

To break this down to simplicity – what Trump is doing is taking his guilt for being incorrect about the virus and projecting it on an outside source. Now he blames Dr. Fauci for being wrong, but what he is really doing is showing himself a mirror and seeing that he is/was incorrect about this virus. 

What I would recommend to him (and to everyone), is that he should forgive Dr. Fauci for being “wrong” and, in the process, he is actually forgiving himself. 

Cool – right.

Trump is a really good example of this lesson because he does this a lot and very blatantly – projecting his internal guilt onto other people. He likes to blame outside sources for issues, just take a look at these and it will give you a good view of what he is mirroring.  This is just one example. 

Now look at your life and see what the mirror is shining back at you. What unconscious guilts are you projecting outward? What do you need to forgive? 

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