So, I really didn’t have any idea what to write about this week. I literally was staring at a blank screen for a good ten minutes (or it may have been more…). But, what do people do when they need to be distracted?? Get on your phone and play on some apps!

That is why today I thought I’d share one of the apps I sometimes enjoy to engage with when I am bored or just want to waste some time (even though time is really an illusion). Of course, you could use this app in a more formal manner to train your psychic skills – but, I’m not going to lie, I just do this app when I don’t have anything else to do or want to distract myself. I have other psychic development apps I use in a more routine manner, but we will discuss those a different day.

ESP Trainer App

Today I want to talk about the ESP Trainer app. This app is available for free (at least on the iPhone, I don’t have an android so I don’t know about that) – as are most of the apps I enjoy. It was developed by Russell Targ, who, if the name sounds familiar was one of the dudes involved in the psychic spy and remote viewing stuff that came out. Fascinating character – I highly recommend watching a documentary on him if you have the opportunity. 

Anyway, getting back to this app. The basis of this app is that there are four squares of different colors – red, yellow, blue, and green (not in that order). The app hides a picture underneath one of these squares and you have to determine which square it is. You have 24 tries per round to figure it out. When you get the correct square there will be a vibrating buzz and a loud ding (you can mute this) and the picture will appear. 

The theory of this app is that it helps train you into what it feels like to get your psychic groove on. You get positive reinforcement (just mute the ding, but the buzz is nice) when you get it right so that helps to train your brain what being psychic feels like.

Now, this is one of those apps I have had on my phone for quite some time – like years. I usually forget about it and then come back to it after awhile. So, take that into account with what I have to say. 

ESP Ability Present

For me, personally, I find it difficult to stay consistent over the 24 tries and this can be a little discouraging. I get bored or distracted and just end up hitting random squares every now and then. Also for me, who knows what psychic insight feels like, I sometimes get frustrated when I get the wrong square time after time. But what I find interesting is that when you go to the website that developed this app, it says to contact them if you get half right on a consistent basis. 

That means getting 12 out of 24 correct puts you in the highest category – meaning, this app expects that you are going to get a bunch wrong. What I am saying here is, don’t be discouraged if you get a bunch wrong.

Useful in Vegas

I also find that this works differently than I usually do typical psychic work. I don’t usually focus on ESP abilities, but more reading energy around people. There are other apps (looking at you RV Tournament) that focus more on my skill set. But, I will say, this app does have some promise.

Since this app is free, I highly recommend you download it and give it a try. Depending on how many you get right you get little sayings like “useful in vegas” and “ESP ability present”. These are also encouraging and may get you to keep going. But, also don’t be discouraged with this app. You aren’t meant to get them all correct. It is also hard to stay “in the zone” the entire time since you are just focusing on colors and pictures instead of actual information. 

So…to summarize…get this app because it is free and see if it works for you to help you understand what your psychic “zone” feels like, but don’t feel bad if you don’t get a bunch of them right. 

Do you have any favorite apps for developing your psychic skills? I’d love some recommendations! 


    1. You may also want to try out one called RV Tournament (it is the purple one in the picture of my phone screen). It is not as fun to “play” with when you are bored because you only do it once a day, but it is really good at strengthening your “targeting” skills and “seeing” what you can pick up in images!


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