Are we ready to “open the door” and see what we have in store for us in August??

Okay….let’s go.

I used that analogy to start for a reason as the first image that is coming through is that of an individual opening a door and a bright light shining through. This month is all about “opening the door” to the opportunities that await you. Whether those are “good” or “bad” (or not a part of duality and just are) are based on how you set yourself up in the chess-game of life that occurred in July. It is this month though that what you have “sown” is matured and you can see the product – it may not be time to “reap” the harvest but you will see the “bounty”. Open the door to the life that awaits you.

The next image that is coming through is of a big ship rocking on some pretty decent waves. It appears like the light is fading, it is not pitch black but the skies are darkened. Not going to sugar coat this for you, it looks like August may be a rough month for some of us. There is some emotional turmoil that we are going to face as individuals and as societies and cultures. 

Throughout all of this energy, there is a subtle current that acts as a lifeline that you can hold onto. The image I am receiving is that of a party favor blowout noisemaker being stretched out full. There is this thread of joy that exist throughout all of our lives. You may not see it. You may not choose to see it. But it is there. It is up to you to reach out and hang on to this energy. Celebrate the joys you have in your life whatever form they may come in.

Normally I end on three “touches” of the energy, but I am going to go forward and ask for another “touch” and see what else comes. The image I am seeing is of people hugging each other. This is a month to come together and form connections with others that you may not have been aware were possible. This is the idea of finding a sense of community in a group that does not share a common theme or goal but shares a common “presence”. Now, do not take this as me saying to go out and hug people because my human side is very against any physical contact from outside sources right now (who am I kidding, I am normally this way), but instead this sense of community and unity can be found in multiple ways and multiple avenues across the various platforms in your life.

Have a wonderful August – find the unity and the joy that penetrates the whole. 

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  1. I love that the last image is so uplifting! It sounds like this month is going to be super intense in both positive and negative ways…thank you for sharing these insights!!

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