I’ve seen a lot of readers and professionals suggest that individual’s who are learning tarot or developing their psychic skills try practicing using celebrities as examples. This seems to be getting more attention than in the past and now you can even go on youtube and search almost any famous person and see a reading done on them. I know people like to do this for fun or as a learning exercise, but there are several problems that come up with these types of readings.

I thought I would just put out some information for individuals who may be considering doing this type of reading and offer some things to think about. So keep these things in mind if you are doing any sort of reading using a celebrity as an example. 

Usually you end up reading the PR Egregore 

As a refresher, an egregore is a collective thought form. Celebrities, especially high profile celebrities who have large PR teams, tend to have very large and well crafted egregores surrounding them. These egregore may have some characteristics in line with the celebrity which just makes them harder to distinguish from the actual individual.

When doing a reading on these individuals, it is very difficult to tell the difference between reading an egregore of a celebrity rather than the actual individual. What this means is that you aren’t actually doing the reading on a person, instead you are doing a reading on a PR version of that individual.

I see these coming in most troublesome when readers choose to look at relationships of celebrities. If you know anything about celebrity culture you already know that most of the relationships you see paraded around are fake. If you do not understand how the celebrity culture works…well, I’m sorry to break it to you. Those two stars that look great together in those paparazzi shots are not likely dating each other (and the paparazzi shooting the photos has likely received a phone call from their PR team to capture that moment). More likely than not they have been set up for a PR stunt to get stories written about them and get press. This isn’t always the case, but is in a large enough percentage that it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference. 

Doing readings that confirm that these types of relationships as “real” are usually just individuals who don’t know how to tell the difference between reading energy that is from an actual person and energy that is just hanging out in the atmosphere. I’m not going to judge this type of reading because it is HARD to tell the difference. Energy is energy so they are correct in what they are reading just not correct in what that energy is attached to. 

No confirmation on your reading

Another issue with doing readings on celebrities is that you are not going to get any confirmation on if what you are reading about the celebrity is true. Remember that PR thing – yeah, they are going to prevent some information from coming to light. So even if you have your information about two celebrities being interested in each other “confirmed” by the media…it probably is not actually true. Meaning, there is no hard and solid way to know if you are actually reading the egregore or the person…unless you personally know that person. 


Probably my biggest reason for not doing readings on celebrities is that I personally don’t find it very ethical. I’m a big believer in not reading people unless they give you their permission. Yes there are times when you get information and weren’t asking for it, but that doesn’t mean you need to share this information with the world.

Personally I’m a big fan of music and tend to pick up images and feelings that come from songs due to their high energetic vibrational signature. I may see a scene that was in mind when the song was written or a feeling that was evoked when a song came about. This is also a way to learn which songs in themselves are PR songs (yep, these exist too) because they will have a “staleness” and almost “businessy” feel to them without much emotion. 

So, yes, I may learn some information about a singer or songwriter from a song, but that does not mean it is okay to share that information with others. You likely do not have the permission of that individual. 

This is another one of those things where you have to decide for yourself where to draw the line for you personally. Do you consider it okay to read a celebrity for practice? Do you consider it okay to post a reading on youtube? It is your personal ethics, not other individual’s ethics that spell this out. No judging from me on this one. 

A little Astrology caveat 

Reading celebrity and prominent individual’s charts is widely held practice of astrologers. In almost every copy of Astrology Magazines you will see at least one chart (usually many more) and they are common in astrology text books. While these charts tell a lot of information about the individuals, they have become (and always have been) a common way of astrologers to learn and teach information.

Most astrology software even comes with charts of prominent individuals pre-programmed in so you can learn from their charts. 

So if you are in the field of astrology you will likely learn about celebrities from their astrological charts. This is just how astrology is taught. You need a person that many people know to explain an astrological concept, there is no getting around it. What you do with this information though, that is up to you and your personal ethics.

What are your opinions on reading celebrities? Do you find it helpful or do you shy away from them? 

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