Today I decided to ask the guides for some advice for us right now. I mean, messages always nice but we all could use some advice…right? I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling like we are in this weird zone of some people living in the past and some in the present. Our realities seem disconnected and it is difficult to tell what is reality and what is fiction (of course, all reality is an illusion and manifestation of your inner guilt projected outwards…).

So, with that, here is some advice from the guides. 

The first image they are sending through is that of a tornado. Tornados are a very common image they use with me to speak of destruction. Destruction can feel like a bad thing but really, if you shift your perspective, you can see that it is just an opportunity to rebuild something – to make a fresh start. 

Think about what areas or aspects of your life could use this tornado energy. Maybe it feels like a tornado that is going through your life right now – careers, relationships, family situations are all changing right now. Is there a way to think about those changes in your life from a different perspective. Yes, it is okay to feel sad about the loss, but can you incorporate some hopeful optimism into your outlook too?

Next the guides are sending me the image of a rider getting back on the horse mid-ride, as in the horse is already in motion and they have slipped from their saddle a bit and are pulling themselves back up. This is some advice for us to pull ourselves up. Even in situations where it feels like we are falling or that we are out of control, be realistic with yourself. Get yourself together and “get back on the horse”. You haven’t totally lost yourself yet – straighten up and move on forward.

I ask for one final piece of advice and I see the image of sitting at a table and an older woman pouring me a cup of coffee from a coffee pot. She sits down at the table as well and I ask if she has a message for us. She spoons some sugar into her coffee and stirs it. “sit back my child and relax. There is a story to be told here with many moving parts, but it is just that, a story. Don’t get lost in the illusion, that is not the way. Listen to these words and hear what I say. The reality that you are seeing around you is filled with many uncertainties but also many false parts. It is sometimes difficult to understand what is truth and what is manipulation to look like truth. Instead of worrying about what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, find your place inside yourself and the reality that blossoms within will manifest without.”

I sip my coffee and thank her for these thoughts.

Well, there is some advice for you right now – shift your perspective on what feels like loss, get back to what you were doing, and find your truth inside yourself – some good advice for us to take with us in this…interesting time we are living in.

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  1. Thank you very much, Shannon 👍 So much to think about, and your article is so true – full of facts ✨ ✨ ✨ Like this: “Our realities seem disconnected and it is difficult to tell what is reality and what is fiction” I liked your article specially much today ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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