I previously wrote about an app that I’ve had on my phone for years (ESP Trainer), but today I want to talk about an app I’ve only had on my phone for a little over a moth. I have enjoyed it so much during this time though that I wanted to make sure everyone knows about it because it is truly a great way to work on and increase your psychic abilities.

The app I’m talking about is called RV Tournament. Now, I don’t really know much about the background of this app, I just know that I have enjoyed using it. The premise is that each day you are give a long string of numbers which is associated with a picture. You “tune in” to that number and “see” what parts of the picture you get information on. You write/draw/document this information and then push a check mark. After you do this you are given two pictures to choose from. One is the picture that is associated with your number and one is a different picture. You choose which one you believe is the one you were given and put a confidence level 0 – 10 as to how confident you are about that decision.

Once you put in your confidence level your choice is “locked” and you will receive the answer the next day as to if you are correct or not. Each day you also get a new pictures to tune into. 

I have now been using this app for about 40 days and it has been a great tool and I believe it could greatly help individuals in gaining confidence in their abilities. This app also has information which describes remote viewing and how to do it. But…in all honesty…I haven’t actually read these “helpful tips” so I don’t have any comments on them. I also am not actually doing true remote viewing with this app, instead I am just “reading the energy” of the pictures like I do in my day to day reality. 

There are other aspects of this app I am not familiar with, such as having an independent person judge which of the pictures fits your description and I think there may be some sort of cash prize or something if you do well. But…again…I am just using this app for fun and haven’t really explored either of these features.

So far, from my experience, I have found that this app is really great in helping you to realize if you are “tuning in” correctly or not. Even if you are just doing it casually it gives you a good experience to learn what type of psychic skills you have and how information comes through.

I will also say that sometimes I take my turn at this app in different situations and locations to see if I can “read” better in one area or another. Aka what I am really saying is this app allows me to check how well I can “tune in” while my daughter is talking to me or when the tv is on. You know…good things to know…

This is also not an app that you use multiple times a day, it is just a once a day thing where you have one shot to remote view a picture, unlike the ESP Trainer app where you can open it any time of the day and just have some fun. 

I have found that, so far, my method of “tuning in” is working perfectly well for me, but if you want to learn to be a true remote viewer you should probably study up on that a bit. You can check out the information in the app, or there are plenty of books available, or, my personal favorite, you can search youtube and find whole classes that people have posted for free online (I did this once and enjoyed learning more about the process). 

So, yeah, overall I really like this app. I recommend this to anyone working on developing their psychic abilities from novice to professional. 

Do you have any apps you enjoy?? I’d love to know!!

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