Okay…I may have been putting doing this off for a bit…that seems to be a theme for 2020 – hesitant to know what the future is going to bring. But..time to pull off the bandaid and see what September has in store for us. 

I see the image of a chess game being played. This feels familiar, I believe we had a similar setup a few months ago, but this month is the results of those movements we previously made. We set ourselves up and this month we see how those results play out – whether we loose a pawn or our queen. 

Next I get the feeling of being on a deserted island. There are palm trees and sandy beach. This image feels both relaxing and isolating at the same time. This feels like we will be encountering situations this month where the outcomes are a matter of perspective – you choose whether to see the negative or the positive in it – whether to feel isolated on that island or make it feel like a relaxing beach vacation. Shift your focus, shift your energy.

The next image I am receiving is that of a halloween pumpkin. This feels like there will be a continuation from this month to the end of October. Those events starting this month won’t necessarily find resolutions this month. Instead you will have to wait to see how things play out…doesn’t that seem like the theme of 2020…

Now I receive the word “parasol”. Parasols are used to block sun. It feels like the idea that some of the “sun”, some of the light and optimism may be artificially blocked this coming month. Know that this is just a temporary occurrence, not a condition that will stay forever. Parasols can be shut. 

I ask for a general theme for this month, something to understand all this vague symbolism we are receiving. I receive the image and the word kangaroo. Kangaroos generally embody the concept of moving forward. We must let go of what the past looked like and focus on the possibilities of what our future holds. Kangaroos also speak of a nine month cycle and there is this feeling that we are about to begin a new cycle, one that will take us into next summer. 

The past is settled and the future is yet to behold. Hold on the what will be and release what was. The future is now. 


  1. This is such interesting eclectic imagery!! Esp the parasol…that’s a word you usually only see in Jane Austen era books so it was such a pleasant surprise to see it here! I love how the guides use highly specific words and concepts to express what the energy will be, like Kangaroo. These posts are so helpful to think about and meditate on because they don’t use too abstract imagery. Now I’m super curious to see what the start of fall will bring!!

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    1. I’m curious as well – it is always interesting to see how the energies shown in these images express themselves. I hadn’t thought of the Jane Austen type connection, another layer to think about!


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