We are going to play a little game today that I call “Shifting Perspectives”. Right now, we all can just watch 20 seconds of the news and see what a crazy and interesting time we are living in. There is so much division and discourse going on that it can sometimes feel like there is a weight sitting on our chest and it is difficult to see a way out of the situation we currently find ourselves in.

But…is it really all that bad? Can you find any positive shifts that have happened to you in the last six months? Can you name any good things that have happened in your life that would not have occurred without this crazy time we are in?

I’ll go first. I feel I have been able to gain a deeper perspective of this metaphysical and spiritual world we live in. I have finally started reading ACIM and actually understanding it. This likely would not have happened without this crisis in our world going on. I have had ACIM sitting on my shelf for the last ten years, but now it is finally off my shelf and being read. 

What prompted me to get this book off my shelf during this time? Actually, another positive for me. My husband started attending ACIM study group through zoom. His sudden interest has become a resource for me as he learned of books (aka The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard), that help to actually understand the true meaning of the Course. 

This mutual interest has also lead to many discussions between the two of us where we now speak in a common language. I can say “you are just a reality projection of my unconscious guilt made manifest for me to forgive” and he knows what that means. Other spiritual peeps will understand how freeing it is to have someone in your life you can have these deep metaphysical conversations with. So, yeah, another positive there.

What about you? What positives have occurred in your life? Can you think of any? Can you shift your perspective to see this time as not a burden but a joy? I know, kind of difficult, but take a shot at it.

The thing about shifting perspectives is that it encourages you to find the positive and to refocus your life. There are always going to be “bad” things that happen to you, that is just how this “reality projection” has been set up. But if you can shift your perspective to see the “good” in the “bad” or, even better, not see a distinction between “good” and “bad” just opportunities, then you can find a happier and more peaceful existence for yourself during your incarnation. 

Changing your perspective of any situation can really change your life. You don’t need to buy into the hype that it is all “bad”. Instead this can be a positive experience for you. If you feel like you need permission to be happy and find joy in your life right now while the world “suffers”, here is your permission. Realize that your thoughts, your vibrations, do help influence the total effect of the vibratory state of the world. By shifting your perspective to the positive and living that joy you can help shift the vibrations of the world we are currently living in.

So, yes, the time we live in right now may seem like it really sucks and that nothing positive is ever going to happen. But…it can also be a wonderful experience and opportunity for you to shine and find joy. It is all just a matter of perspective. 


  1. Thank you, Mary^^ Actually this ‘crazy’ time by which I mean quarantine and some restrictions. Keeping a distance, wearing a mask, and behaving more responsibly. Not difficult for me at all. 😊 I am very proud of our country’s strict rules 👍 Of course, I can see those ppl’s suffering, who have used to go out often. Or who just don’t want to be ‘ruled’. Our government relaxed the restrictions, and immediately the number of viral infections increased significantly. 😷 If I think about all the ‘rules’ and compare that to spreading this kind of serious virus, it’s easy to choose to stay home. Studying, reading, finding new hobbies, etc. is my method to handle this quarantine. And I check twice per day the news, to keep myself updated about the situation. The awesome idea this “Shifting Perspectives” for those who are suffering about it 🌺 🌺 🌺 Rules aren’t a problem for me^-^

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    1. I’m with you. I am a pretty big introvert so I haven’t really had much of a problem staying home. Even my daughter, whom I’ve always considered an extrovert, is doing wonderfully. It is so easy to get caught up in the dogma that this is a horrible time, even when it is not always the case. I live in a part of a country where people don’t like to follow the rules so we don’t venture out very much.


      1. Totally agree with you^^
        I think it is a problem for those, who have lost their jobs because of this. Like service professions, airlines and travel companies, hotels, and of course bands, musicians, etc.

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  2. What an inspiring post!! There’s a part of me that will be sad when quarantine is over… I really appreciate how much time this has given us to nurture the earth and take care of the plants, animals and people in our backyards. Thank you also for the nudge to explore ACIM! I have to admit I started it in July and totally lost momentum, because I think the lessons were so completely foreign to my mental conditioning (like “nothing you are seeing means anything,” which is so true but so at odds with the view of reality we are taught to engage in) that it almost was too much. You’re reminding me that I should keep going! Is there anything that has really worked for you in helping the lessons sink in?

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    1. Yeah, I’m really enjoying being home so much as well! I really recommend Gary Renard’s books for helping to understand ACIM. They really help to frame everything in easier to understand language.


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