“The whispered winds breathe gently at your feet and the apricots of summer do weep. There is a song that is hallowed and free beneath the old orchard tree. You will find there that which you seek is but worry for the meek. For that which you truly behold is what is thought to unfold.” 

We have a guide coming forward for us today who is presenting as a younger man. He looks maybe from a Grecian decent with dark hair and eyes. He is wearing a white t-shirt and well worn jeans and seems to be late twenties or early thirties. 

He takes an apple off a tree and eats it. We appear to be in an orchard of sorts with barbed wire fencing on one side and hills on the other. We are walking together, step by step, as he periodically takes a bite out of his apple.

“the reality which you see before you does not really exist. It is a creation and manifestation of your inner resources. If you don’t want something to exist then don’t think it. Watch where your attention wonders during the day and what springs up from that. Your mind is a powerful tool that you have not been trained to utilize. Put in the effort to control your thoughts and your world suddenly becomes a resource for you to engage with.

Knowledge is not the root of all evil but ‘evil’ does produce a knowledge of its kind. Not paying attention to those things that upset you will provide you the opportunity to reach towards what you truly desire. Just think, if you spent all your time on your joys and your desires instead of on your drama and heartache – what a beautiful world you would make. 

The reality of our illusions is just a step away. Your desires are not always what you think they are. Go after your truths and you will see the beauty in each seed.”

He now takes a seed out of the apple core he is now holding and sticks a finger into the ground, placing the seed down after it.

Well…I think this guide has some good points to think about and some imagery there to work with. What seeds are you planting in your mind? What type of world are you growing and creating from your thoughts? 


  1. This is beautiful!! I especially love the poem-like introduction. As an English nerd I totally thought you had pulled that from Wordsworth or Keats at first! Did the guide speak those words to you or did you write it yourself as a response to the scene? Either way it’s so pretty!

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